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The Mid-Autumn Festival, better known as the “Mooncake Festival” (for obvious reasons) is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar when the moon appears at its fullest and brightest. During the festival, Chinese families around the world gather over fragrant tea and festive goodies such as mooncakes and pomelos to celebrate harmony, family unity, and togetherness.

The festival also celebrates the legend of Chang Er, the lady who is believed to have floated to the moon after swallowing the elixir of eternal life and now lives on the moon.

But we all know the real point of the Mooncake Festival.

It’s a chance for everyone to up their Insta-feed game. We guarantee the following 12 steps will not only get your Instagram feed to be perfectly themed, but also the talk of town.

Step 1

Take a picture of all the mooncakes you’ll stuff yourself with and eventually regret after. That’s right, its time to unleash your most powerful mooncake — the snowskin mooncake.

Step 2

You wanna be dressed for the occasion, and definitely want people to think your feed is cool.

Blinky Shoes are the way to go.

Yes, that’s the one I’m talking about — like the ones we used to wear when we were little kids.

Take a picture of that.

Step 3

Take a picture with friends and family at the park you’re about to burn down celebrate in.

Step 4

Food. Everybody loves food.

Take a picture of your huge picnic spread. To make image more Insta-worthy, take a picture top down when people are helping themselves to the food/passing the food around.

Step 5

Take a picture of the beautifully lit lanterns and Mid-Autumn related decorations (like the ones along the streets of Chinatown).

Whether on Tumblr or Instagram, the end goal is all about the artsy fartsy-ness.

You need to show the world how cultured you truly are.

Step 6

You definitely wanna make sure you are dressed for the occasion to have that good ol’ #ootd post. Protip: avoid crop tops and tight fitted clothing, and maybe taking pictures at different angles? Evidently, the mooncakes have not been doing you any good.

Here’s what your #ootd shot should/could look like:

Step 7

Show everyone you’re having the time of your life by setting of some sparklers.

Take a short Insta-vid of yourself writing your name with the sparklers and annoying your neighbours with the loud whistles. Setting them off at 12 midnight seems pretty considerate to me.

Your followers will be so jealous, trust me.

Step 8

Relive the inner child in you but still remain classy.

Get yourself a lantern. No, not those with the annoying music and blinky lights. You don’t wanna be that annoying kid.

Besides, the traditional paper lanterns will be easier to burn look nicer on your feed.

And if you got time, you could even get creative at home by reusing items to create a lantern!

Step 9

Don’t forget the candles. These are very important tools for your Mid-Autumn festival feed.

Form your favourite shapes with them. A popular selection would be the heart shape. Remember to light them up though.

The Mid-Autumn festival is nothing without fire (love).

We guarantee that your feed will be on fire. Literally.

Step 10

Nothing says fun like a candid photo does.

Take a picture of you with your lantern, or maybe with it “accidentally” caught on fire with a surprised face.

Cause nothing shows you’re a young, wild, and free spirit celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival like a burning lantern can.

Step 11

Now that you’ve probably accidentally dropped that burning lantern on to the ground, take a picture of the fire that you started and how it has spread across the park.


Step 12

As somebody else calls SCDF, you can now sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done, you vile creature.



And the above 12 steps my friend, is how you document your Mid-Autumn festival on Instagram.

Because looking good is everything

As you can see, getting a perfectly picturesque/themed feed is certainly not easy to maintain as one imagines.

One wrong picture could ruin everything.

But if well-executed, strangers will be scrolling through your feed non-stop and oh look…the follower count increased :’)

We guarantee the above mentioned steps will be really useful in helping you achieve your desired results! Don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it! Have a great Mid-Autumn Festival with your friends and family 🙂

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