In Update On 1MDB Probe, Amar Singh Shared Details Of Items Seized

In a lighthearted press conference on Friday (25 May), Malaysia’s commercial crime chief confirmed that 72 bags had been seized from 3 properties linked to former Prime Minister Najib Razak.

All 3 properties were at Pavilion Suites @ Kuala Lumpur, dubbed the city’s most expensive residential development.

According to Mr Amar Singh, the first apartment belonged to Mr Najib’s son, while the second is in Mr Najib’s daughter’s name.

The third property was empty but there were bags of valuables there as well.

Mr Singh confirmed that it was likely that Mr Najib’s son and daughter would be hauled in for investigation soon.

What’s in the bags?

35 of these bags contained cash in 26 currencies.

The cash amounted to RM114 million (S$38.3 million).

Mr Singh revealed that there are still 37 bags of items to be counted and valued.

This will be done next week.

On authority and chocolates

Mr Singh confirmed that the police had the authority to carry out the search, rebutting claims by Mr Najib that they were unauthorised.

He added that the task force set up to investigate 1MDB was working with overseas counterparts to obtain more evidence related to the probe.

Mr Singh said that he had encouraged Mr Najib’s lawyers to come forth and lodge a complaint about chocolates that were allegedly stolen from Mr Najib’s fridge.

Featured image from Facebook.