Lower income families now get to receive one extra blue Yusof Ishak

Now you can dance in circles because, well, money makes the world go round.

This was the GST Voucher you (if eligible) have been receiving:

GST voucher 1Source

This is the GST Voucher you will now receive:

GST voucher 2Source, Source

Simi GST Voucher?

The GST Voucher is an exclusive helping hand the G is lending to lower income families. It eases the poor in paying the same GST everybody pays when they buy Xiao Bai Cai or Mama Lemon at NTUC.

It also comes in two other forms — Medisave to help with your meds and U-Save to help with the PUB bills.

Look here to see who receives this added benefit:

GST voucher 3Source

FYI: Annual value of a household = monthly rent the property can fetch x 12 months.

Why you should dance in circles

Because the pink I/C you hold identifies you as a cheapskate from birth.

Admit it, an extra $50 off from your mum’s NTUC receipt sounds like a pretty good deal.

Or even better — your mum leaves an extra $10 for you to go on a Popular spree but you spot Gongcha on the way and make a guilt-free detour. *wink*

Fun facts

GST Vouchers will cost the G an extra $70 million a year and will benefit about 1.4 million low income households.

Ah, our good ol’ Singaporean government. They may not be perfect but they do take fairly good care of us, don’t you think?

For more information on the purposes of the voucher, eligibility and more, look here.

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