After the 2013 NDP song, even goats bleating would sound better

The 2013 National Day Parade song was so terribad that Singapore needed a year to recover from the aural “experience” that was One Singapore.

Whoa-oh-oh-oh. Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh!



There wasn’t a National Day song in 2014, which is why you just can’t seem to remember what it was.

Now that we’ve had a year to forget One Singapore ever existed, the new National Day song written by Dick Lee has been unveiled. Titled “Our Singapore“, the song will be performed by Lee, along with singer JJ Lin.

Everyone’s a critic

Dick Lee is also responsible for Home, aka everyone’s favourite NDP song ever. However, he did not want to make Home Part II.

Unfortunately, Home has become the benchmark to every single NDP song ever since, and no National Day song has since managed to win the hearts of Singaporeans. One Singapore looks set to continue the trend of being “not as good as Home”.

According to commentators, people prefer songs which are easier to sing along to:







There is a part in the chorus which is sing-alongy though: the oh-oh-oh-oh-oh one.

Dick Lee had written 4 other songs before settling on this one, so the pressure to not sound like Home while still writing a good enough song must have been enormous.

Good, but not great for NDP

I’d say Our Singapore fits somewhere in the middle of the pack of NDP songs because it’s not the kind of song which catches your attention at first glance, nor does it have a ridiculously catchy hook; both factors that pulls people in. It’s a good song which wouldn’t look out of place in a musical, but not the best one to get people to sing along with.

The bridge sounds like it came out of a Disney movie too.

This sad truth means the NDP organisers would have better luck sampling some random Top 40 song than coming up with a song with actual meaningful lyrics. Or even stop trying, and just play Home every year.

Anything but the 2013 song, which everyone has already compartmentalized into the deepest, darkest depths of their brains.

“Our Singapore” can be downloaded here (right-click, Save As).

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Featured image via NDP Website
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