5 Towns Selected To Host Nostalgic Events For Singapore Heritage Festival 2018

In a fast-paced country like Singapore — where new things are introduced often and changes take place quickly — barely anything stays still long enough for people to appreciate them fully.

Perhaps, this is why we Singaporeans love nostalgia and the idea of looking back at what was.

For those who are longing for the past and all its glory, don’t fret.

The Singapore Heritage Festival (SHF) is back for its 15th edition to help you trigger those golden memories again.


The festival, happening on three weekends this month (6-22 Apr), is set to take place at different towns around the island.

These sites will host various events and programmes that celebrate culture and reminisce the good ol’ days.

Here are the 5 estates and what they have to offer.

1. Jurong

Jurong Town Hall will be the centerpiece of the festivities when Singapore Heritage Festival visits the western town from 6-8 Apr.

Image courtesy of Singapore Heritage Festival

The national monument will host curated programmes such as Jurong Songbook, an interactive performance that allows audiences to interact with characters from Jurong’s past, as well as a tour of the Jurong Town Hall itself.

The drive-in cinema is also bound to appeal to everyone, regardless of age.


The Singapore Heritage Festival will also bring back Jurong’s drive-in cinema, a popular attraction in the ’70s.

Entry to this event is completely free. Among the movies to be screened are classics like Cleopatra Wong and modern favourite Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen.

Here are the details:

Free admission, available on a first-come-first-served basis
*Advisory: Limited seats are available for visitors who are not driving.

Movie line-up
Friday, 6 April
9.35pm : The Provision Shop

Saturday, 7 April
6.30pm : Cleopatra Wong
9.00pm : Chicken Rice Wars

Sunday, 8 April
7.30pm : Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen

Time: 7 – 11 PM

AddressJurong Town Hall, 9 Jurong Town Hall Road, S(609431)

2. Jalan Besar

Image courtesy of Singapore Heritage Festival

Following its western excursion, the Singapore Heritage Festival will visit Jalan Besar from 13 – 14 Apr.

Here, it will focus on immersing visitors in the charm of Jalan Besar, immersing them in its architecture and blend of cultures.

Participants can sign up for various tours to explore the precinct’s maze alleys or have a look at a traditional car repair shop that inspired The Machinist, a local book.

Image courtesy of Singapore Heritage Festival

Alternatively, visitors can look forward to a street party along Jalan Besar Road, coupled with a market that quenches your thirst for IG-worthy aesthetics.

Most events like the street party are free, however, participants may need to fork out a small fee of $5 and up to join some of the tours.

3. Chinatown

Image courtesy of Singapore Heritage Festival

That same weekend, Singapore Heritage Festival will visit Chinatown from 14 – 15 April.

In this enclave, it promises various “eat, drink, explore and be merry programmes”.

Participants can look forward to cultural tours as well as experience Chinatown’s famed food first hand.

As part of the food trail, participants will be brought to heritage stalls where food with a unique cultural heritage is made.

Here’s a preview of one of them called Sak Kei Ma (kill the horseman), a sweet treat made of fluffy strands of fried batter and bound together with a stiff sugar syrup.

Image courtesy of Singapore Heritage Festival

Like the events in Jalan Besar, most tours come with a fee of $5, while talks remain free of charge!

4. Bras Basah.Bugis

Image courtesy of Singapore Heritage Festival

Being Singapore’s dedicated arts and heritage district, it’s no surprise that Heritage Fest 2018 will swing by Brash Basah.Bugis.

Events at the district will take place from 20 – 21 Apr.

The Armenian Street Party 2.0 will celebrate all things Perenakan with performances and of course, food.

Armenian Street Party: Balik Kampong 2.0 Ain’t it pretty?

In conjunction with SHF, the National Museum of Singapore will also open a new exhibition titled: The More We Get Together: Singapore’s Playgrounds 1930 – 2030.

The exhibition will be showcase how playgrounds and community spaces play a crucial roll in strengthening Singapore’s social fabric.

5. Toa Payoh

Image courtesy of Singapore Heritage Festival

From an exhibition of playgrounds, to actually playing in one, the Singapore Heritage Festival plans to make this iconic dragon playground the heart of celebrations from 21 – 22 Apr. 

The playground’s surroundings will be converted to a carnival that features a LED dragon dance performance, outdoor movie screenings and a classic vintage car flea market.


Of course, as is the norm in Singapore culture, no carnival is complete without scrumptious food which will be provided from various popular hawker delights.

Admission to the Dragon Playground Carnival is free and it will start from 5pm all the way till 10 pm on both days.

Just bring some spare cash if you’re looking to fill your tummy, or bring home some knick-knacks from the car boot sale stalls.

Plenty to see and do

What was mentioned in the list above barely scratches the surface of what participate can expect from the 2018 Singapore Heritage Festival.

Certainly, a look back at Singapore’s heritage will push some nostalgic buttons. If it doesn’t push any buttons, be glad to know at least that there’s plenty to do over the next few weekends!

More information on all the planned activities can be found at https://heritagefestival.sg/

Featured image courtesy of Singapore Heritage Festival