Vending Machine In Orchard And CBD Giving Out $50 Notes

[UPDATE 28 Feb, 4.17pm]: Today’s stunt at Raffles Place was suspended after just 45 minutes, with police ordering organisers to call off the event. The organiser claimed that they were no longer able to ensure safety of the crowd and asked them to disperse. Channel NewsAsia also reports that organisers did not apply for a permit for the event. 

Organisers also confirmed via their website that all $50 notes have been redeemed, and there will be no more giveaways. They also encouraged people to “Watch this space tomorrow to see what $3 can get you”. 

A new publicity stunt is gaining traction on social media, and it sounds too good to be true.

Supposedly, at 3 vending machines at different locations, you can get a $50 note if you insert $3. You don’t have to win it, and there’s no catch.

Basically, you’re getting $47 for free.

3 Dollar Baller

The stunt is being marketed as #3DollarBaller, and there are no catches. At all.


A quick look at their website provides little to no information, except that:

1. The money is Singapore legal tender, meaning they are not counterfeits and can actually be used.

2. The only catch is that it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once they’re out of $50 notes, that’s it.

How legit is it?

People have taken to Instagram to show off the notes they’ve received, using the hashtag #3DollarBaller. The stunt resulted in massive queues, and people showing off their newly acquired blue Yusof Ishak.


Today, a member of our team joined the snaking queues at Raffles Place Green’s machine.

However, she was told that the machines were fully redeemed within the first 30 minutes. Bummer.

Who’s behind this?

There’s absolutely no information available about who’s behind this stunt or why, and we’re itching to know.

In this economy, it’s hard to imagine who’d want to hand out free money unless it ends up being a billionaire, like Eduardo Savarin or Elon Musk.


The very vague website does say that all will be revealed on 1 March.

We can’t wait, perhaps they’ll announce that this was only a free trial and they’re going to start giving out free money all the time? Okay, we’re dreaming.

Where can you get “free money”?

If you’re looking to score, today’s (28 Feb) your chance. This is machine to be looking out for:


The funniest part is that there’s someone sitting in the machine manually handing out notes.

Head down to Raffles Place Green near Chevron House from 12pm-3pm. You’ll probably run into the lunchtime crowd, so it’s worth waiting a while for it to lessen. The closest MRT station is Raffles MRT.


Otherwise, head to Orchard from 5pm-8pm between the H&M and [email protected] The most accessible MRT stations are Somerset and Orchard, respectively.

If you get lucky and manage to score a note, don’t forget to pick one up for MustShareNews too.

Who’re we kidding? No one wants to share free money.

Featured image by 3DollarBaller and Hafiz Aziz.