Preschool Denies Claims Of Teacher Abusing Her 3-Year-Old

Every parent’s worst nightmare has come true for this mother, whose daughter returned home from preschool with bruises on her ear.

Claudia Kwan – the mother of a three-year-old girl – alleges that her daughter’s teacher hurt her, leaving her daughter both physically and emotionally scarred.


Even though she reported the incident to the police and contacted the school, Kwan claims that she was not met with any assistance, putting her and her daughter under severe stress.

At the time of Kwan’s lengthy Facebook post on (Friday) 9 Mar about the incident, the preschool had allegedly not been forthcoming in providing answers.

However, preschool has come forward and is denying all claims of abuse on 12 Mar.

They’ve suggested instead that the incident took place at home, and that Ms Kwan was already aware of it, according to Channel NewsAsia on 12 Mar.

Young daughter traumatised by abuse

You know things are serious when there’s a long Facebook post about the subject. When we say long, boy, do we mean long.

Don’t worry, you can find the summary of her post after the screenshots:



Here’s how it unfolded according to Ms Kwan:

  • After picking their daughter up from preschool, her husband noticed that she was acting strange.
  • He noticed that she had a huge bruise on the top of her ear.
  • Upon arriving home, they checked their daughter out further and claim that her ear was swelling up badly.
  • Ms Kwan notes that she tied her daughter’s hair up that morning, implying that her ears were fine before she was sent to school.


  • Two different doctors diagnosed it as “traumatic bruising that was caused by the exertion of great intentional force” and a “non-accidental injury”.
  • This could be taken to mean that her daughter’s ear was pulled very hard, on purpose.
  • She lodged a police report, and informed the school.
  • When her daughter finally gave her report to the police, she named the teacher who hurt her ear.
  • When she tried to broach the subject with the principal of the preschool, Ms Kwan claims that the principal didn’t believe that his teachers would hurt her child.

Ms Kwan also adds that her daughter has been shouting the name of her alleged abuser in her sleep, and that the event has caused significant trauma to her.

Ms Kwan claims police report was unhelpful

If you thought that was the end of it, you thought wrong.

Ms Kwan goes even further to claim that both the police and the school ended up being very unhelpful.

Skip the screenshots for another summary:


  • She reportedly referred the matter to the Early Childhood Development Agency and a MP.
  • However, they were unable to help her until the outcome of the police investigation is revealed.
  • Her daughter’s ear hasn’t healed, 3 weeks on from the incident, and she has stopped sending her daughter to that preschool.
  • She has not been allowed to view CCTV footage by both the preschool and the police.
  • The supervisor told her the footage may not have captured anything, due to blind spots.

Preschool fights back

In a recent turn of events, the preschool has suggested that the little girl’s brother was responsible for the bruises.

Her teachers have countered that Kwan knew about her daughter’s bruises and that her brother had caused them, according to Channel NewsAsia.


They allege that during the morning health check, a teacher had discovered a bruise under the little girl’s eye,

When Ms Kwan was informed, the school claims that she said she was aware.

The preschool then goes on to say that when they discovered the bruise on her ear two hours later, they did not think to notify Kwan again as they assumed that the bruises were from the same incident.

The school told CNA that,

(She) had behaved normally in school and we were not aware of any incident or circumstances at the kindergarten that could have caused those bruises on her ear.

Apparently, Kwan’s daughter even returned to school the next day for Chinese New Year celebrations and enjoyed herself.


They’ve also been cooperating fully with the police on investigations and found “no incident or circumstances that could have caused the injuries from CCTV footage”.

A case of he said she said

At the end of the day, there’s really no way to tell who’s telling the truth. Of course, everything we read online should be taken with a grain of salt.

The best step is to wait for the truth to emerge, and Kwan did the right thing by lodging a police report as well as seeking two different medical opinions.

No matter the cause, all we can say for now is that we hope Kwan’s daughter has a speedy recovery.

Featured image from Facebook.