38 Oxley Rd Has Become Singapore’s Latest Instagram Hotspot


38 Oxley Rd Now Trending On Instagram

Take note, influenzas! There’s a new place to take #OOTDs.



Influential House

Now arguably Singapore’s most famous address, the 2-storey bungalow just a few minutes’ walk from Orchard Road has  piqued the interest of Instagrammers.

Forget Lim Chu Kang Jetty, the Bukit Timah Railway Bridges or even the overhyped Marina Bay Sands infinity pool.

For influenzas looking to find the most trendy place to boost your “influenza credentials”, 38 Oxley Road is the place to be.

Here are some photos we compiled from people who have already gotten pictures taken in front of the famous abode.

Photogenic spots at Oxley Road

Normal people can’t enter the compound, but you can take a photo from Oxley Road.

Always wanted to be a Royal Guard at Buckingham Palace, or at least take a photo with one?

Well, if you can’t afford a plane ticket to London, you can always settle for the old guard house outside 38 Oxley Road, which was presumably active when our founding father was still alive and living there.



Or perhaps, you prefer standing outside the tall fence with hooks designed to keep outsiders out, and imagining you’re standing outside the White House in Washington D.C.




Perhaps you’re out night cycling with your friends along Orchard Road and want a nice place for a pit stop:


Or maybe you have just run out of places for a family excursion:



The uniquely Singapore kiasu spirit is alive and well in this case, as one person was overheard saying: “Must take photo. Once demolish, no more already.”

Who can blame them? It’s after all a uniquely Singaporean address, so a uniquely Singaporean response is required.



Featured images from VisitLondon.com and Facebook




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