The Parliamentary Sitting On 3rd July Won’t Solve The Lee Family Dispute


Parliamentary Sitting On 3rd July

All eyes will be on Parliament this coming Monday (July 3).

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be making a Ministerial Statement to Parliament in light of the ongoing (and seemingly endless) dispute with his siblings Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling — and it has the makings of a feisty affair.


The momentous occasion will see the party whip being lifted for the first time since 2002, and all Members of Parliament (MPs) are encouraged to thoroughly ask PM Lee questions for themselves and their constituents.

By now, many are just worn out by this perplexing saga and are hopeful that the upcoming Parliamentary Sitting will finally put an end to this.

Some Queries Will Be Answered

After all, PM Lee has put himself in the hot seat:

“I urge all MPs, including the non-PAP MPs, to examine the issues thoroughly and question me and my Cabinet colleagues vigorously.”

With the lifting of the party whip, all MPs – regardless of party affiliation – will be able to voice out according to their conscience.

The everyday Singaporean will also be heard as the MPs can succinctly present their respective constituents’ concerns.

However, it’s worth noting that of the majority of the MPs are under the stewardship of PM Lee, with only 6 elected MPs from opposition. It might be a punishing task for these PAP MPs to speak up against their leader, but we sincerely hope they will (especially if they feel the need to).

Li Shengwu’s (son of LHY) Facebook post on June 15 couldn’t be more apt:

“We are going to learn whether the ruling party is still full of men and women of quality and strong character.”

Still, we can look forward to PM Lee answering questions such as The Workers’ Party’s queries on his alleged abuse of power:

This goes to show that perhaps PM Lee has nothing to hide and is seemingly up to the task of answering any question thrown his way.

What About LHY And LWL?

But wait, doesn’t something just feel off about the Parliamentary Sitting?

It’s common knowledge that the family dispute largely revolves around the 3 Lee siblings — so shouldn’t LHY and Dr LWL be in the thick of things when discussions are under way?

One may argue that this is a Parliamentary Meeting and as such only the government officials have the right to partake in the assembly.

But just think about it for a moment — PM Lee wants to refute allegations of his abuse of power, yet the two people whom have accused him of it will not be present.

Wouldn’t that make for a very one-sided and potentially biased discussion?

Source, Source

How will the sibling duo defend themselves when allegations are made against them, or clarify things in the event that inaccurate information is presented?

Furthermore, LHY and Dr LWL are aware of all the nitty-gritty aspects of the case that we outsiders are not aware of. They are the ones whose questions need to be answered and they know exactly what to ask.

Without the presence of LHY and Dr LWL in Parliament, it’s difficult to envision how the siblings can thrash things out once and for all.

All Eyes On Parliament

That being said, the impending Parliamentary Sitting is by no means redundant.

While we predict it will not completely resolve the dispute, perhaps misunderstandings will be cleared and allegations will be disproved — letting us have a clearer idea on the whole saga.

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