Don’t let the catty comments deter

Jonathan Tan has expressed his apologies on Cuddles Cat Cafe’s Facebook yesterday (17 December), over the death of cats in his cat cafe.

Here’s an excerpt:

Everything About Cuddles – What We Did Wrong & Business Takeover

Dear all,

I am Jonathan Tan, and I am seeking forgiveness from the public. I am sincerely sorry for everything, and would like to express my upmost regret and remorse on the current situation.

I am deeply sorry for the deaths of the 7 cats. I really really did not want it to happen.
I am greatly regretful for purchasing cats instead of adopting the cafe cats.
I am very remorseful for some of our cats suffering from ringworm.
I am sorrowful that some of our cats are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
I am ashamed for the lapse in training.
I am very sorry to have upset the ex-employees and their handled their dissatisfaction poorly.
I am thankful to my current employees for their support through our hard times.


Although his cat cafe business failed, we have come up with 5 other businesses Jonathan Tan could undertake without sacrificing any more cat lives.

1. A Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Singapore

Why not open one here in Singapore too? This would help fellow Singaporeans save the trip of going to Malaysia just to see the cat little girl who is five apples tall.



2. A Necomimi cafe

Cat lovers can imagine themselves to be a cat for the day! Simply put on these necomimi cat ears and transmit your feelings through brainwaves to the ears. The ears then wiggle accordingly to let others know how you feel.

P.S. We wonder if this is really how cats communicate?




3. Be a Youtube cat hair guru

We suggest Jonathan Tan eat humble pie and learn a skill or two from Naomi Neo. Who knows – he might be the next Youtube cat hair sensation!



4. Make modern-day robot cats

With over 100 gadgets ranging from a time machine to gravitation paint, owning a Doraemon would be everyone’s dream come true. Maybe Jonathan Tan could help materialise this dream by inventing a real cat robot? We’ve even thought of a name for this twenty-first-century robot cat – Foxy (Jonathan Tan brought in a similar-looking ginger cat as a replacement when Foxy, the original ginger cat died).


5. Create Nyan cat memes

The Facebook generation would definitely thank Jonathan Tan for these memes.





Prior to Cuddles Cat Cafe’s opening, Jonathan Tan claims that he wanted to “to build a larger cat-loving community and to create awareness against animal cruelty in Singapore”. We think that he should continue championing this cause, but only if it does not involve real cats.



Feature image via Asia One

With reference to Channel News Asia, Mothership, The Straits Times