The best freebies for 2015 babies here.

With the advent of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, the entire nation is geared up to celebrate harder than ever before. Preparations have begun a long time ago, and 2015 is now upon us. The celebrations kick off with the lavishing of gifts on Singapore’s (rare) babies born in 2015. We take a look at the top 5 most interesting and valuable gifts a 2015 baby could get.

1. Singapore Golden Jubilee Baby Gift 2015

What’s in the special suitcase:

Medallion specially packaged in a gift box. (I’m not so sure about this. Are these 2015 babies any different from the 2014 ones? Were they born with a giant 50 imprinted on their chests? Meritocracy, anybody?)


5 children’s books written by local author Ruth Wan-Lau. These books are locally flavoured, and will allow children to identify famous local places and food items. There’s also a photo frame included to showcase the best and proudest moments of your child. It can be wall-mounted or displayed standing, so there’s a special angle for everyone to admire and coo over your new baby.


Scrapbook to document those timeless (and omg-I-want-to die) moments of your child’s development.



Our friendly neighbourhood bank is also prolonging the festive Christmas season and competing to be the best 2015 Santa.

There are 9 items in total: diaper bag, mittens, booties, a soft toy, a coin savings bank, a height chart, a bluetooth “selfie” stick, a 2R picture holder, a “Baby on Board” car sign, and a pack of baby wipes. It can be collected at any of the participating hospitals: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Mount Alvernia Hospital, NUH, Gleneagles Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Parkway East Hospital, Raffles Hospital, SGH and Thomson Medical Centre.

For those ‘kiasu’ parents, POSB will also be giving out education grants worth $10,000 to 5 lucky SG50 babies. To register for the gift set and to join the education grant lucky draw, parents can log on to POSB’s website here.

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3. Great Eastern

Jubilee babies will be able to receive a free first-year of insurance from Great Eastern worth $108. The babies will also receive a free gift pack comprising of functional items such as a bib, mittens and booties. Great Eastern has also put together a series of workshops on parenting and child development for soon-to-be parents. Register online at the Great Eastern website here from 1 December 2014 onwards to get these freebies.

50 wishes from the public will also be fulfilled by Great Eastern in 2015.


But you cannot anyhow. Great Eastern says these wishes have to be “meaningful”. But then again, “meaningful” is subjective…

The wishes can be submitted via their website here from 1 December 2014 onwards. The first 5000 online entries will receive a limited edition EZ-link card with a stored value of $10. Sounds good, but it actually only provides for 4.07 round trips from Queenstown to Orchard. Meh.

4.  Thomson Medical Centre Gift Pack

Parents who will deliver/have delivered at Thomson Medical Centre will be able to receive an additional gift pack to make it 3 in total. (Remember the Golden Jubilee and POSB packs?) For entertainment purposes, there will also be 6 months free online subscription to Mother & Baby + 8 Days magazines. When parenting gets dry (unless your baby drools a lot), read 8 Days for juicy gossip and celeb news. The gift pack also contains baby care items courtesy of Huggies + a $5 diaper voucher.

Who says new parents cannot join in the selfie craze? Take pictures of your new family life from every possible angle with the selfie stick. Finally, wrap up all the free items above in the Thomson SG50 Tote Bag. Ironic how tote bags, though touted as being eco-friendly, are not exactly being reused the way they should be. In order to break even in terms of environmental damage, an average tote bag should be reused for about 15 times. I don’t even use mine twice.


5. Birth Certificate

SG50 babies will each receive a special commemorative birth certificate. This certificate will be placed in a gold SG50 folder, and will also contain a message from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.



Although most of these gifts are useful, I’m honestly not that keen on things like the special medallion and birth certificate. Yeah, they’re eye-pleasers, have that initial wow factor, but will probably just end up in the fires of Pulau Semakau eventually. Oops.

Featured image via SG50
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