Adorable 5-Year-Old Kid Helps With Household Chores Because He Loves His Elderly Grandparents


5-Year-Old Jojo Finds Joy In Helping His Grandparents Till The Fields, Harvest Coconuts And Complete Household Chores

Kids these days have been called strawberries, snowflakes & pampered millennials.

But this story will warm the cockles of your heart, and prove that there’s hope for our young ones yet.

Introducing 5-year-old pre-school student Joaquim Johaness who loves his grandparents with all his heart.


A viral album of heartwarming snapshots of his post-preschool routine is sweeping the internet.


Here’s the original post shared by one Cikgu Emmet on Monday (2 Apr), which tells a poignant story about this wonder kid who not only chips in to help out at home, but is also incredibly cute.

A mature kid named Jojo

The post begins by saying that children in Sarawak’s quaint villages are often taught to begin helping with housework at a young age.

Joaquim studies at Sekolah Kebangsaan St. Augustine Betong, a preschool in Sarawak every day.

Affectionately known as Jojo, here he is scrubbing his shoes diligently, once he’s off from school.


That look of concentration on his face says it all — 10/10 for his optimum squatting stance.


We can easily observe that his efforts have paid off, by looking at his squeaky clean shoes.


He also helps with hanging up his own clothes, as well as other chores around the house.


Jojo loves to help his grandparents

While other city kids are spending their free time on iPads and smartphones, children living in rural areas like Jojo are otherwise occupied.


Gathering and organising coconuts, for example — is not something every Singaporean kid can attest to doing at the tender age of 5.

Jojo then helps water the plants in his grandfather’s garden with his trusty bronze kettle.


Although he’s young, Jojo finds joy in helping his elderly grandparents with gardening too.


Despite his young age, he thinks it’s the right thing to do, as his grandparents aren’t getting any younger.


Here he is tilling the fields with a hoe, under the masterful guidance of his grandfather.


Jojo doesn’t forget to assist his grandma as well. Clearing their fields of gravel and weeds, to make way for the sowing of seeds.


Maturity beyond his years

There’s a lot to be learnt from the heartwarming tale of young Jojo — who’s definitely not a sheltered child to say the least.


Jojo’s independence and love for his elderly grandparents, are universal virtues that Singaporean parents can consider inculcating in their children too.


For one so young, the measure of wisdom, patience and self-reliance he has exhibited is sufficient proof that he’s truly mature beyond his years.

Well done, Jojo. We’re all rooting for you in Singapore as well.

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