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This Gundam Unicorn Is The First Model That Transforms On Its Own & Speaks...

Pre-orders for Gundam Unicorn and other models are open.

New Plaza Singapura Anime Store Has Merch From 21 Series That’ll Satisfy Your Otaku...

Just in time for the Covid-19 anime craze.

Netflix S’pore Streams Attack On Titan Season 4 From 11 Dec In Thrilling Conclusion...

Brace yourself for more AOT memes and gifs this December.

S’porean Turns Politicians Into Anime Characters & Netizens Love The Resemblance

Now that the drawings are done, we're only left with the anime title.

GE2020 Anime Trailer Gets Us Hyped For Polling Day, Features Pritam Singh As Iron-Man

Season 13 of GE2020 debuts on 10 Jul.

Gatsby Creates Anime Hunks For 7 Kinds Of Armpit Smells To Sell New Deodorant

Like the 7 dwarves, but named after armpit smells.

Sang Nila Utama Taught In Schools Today Is A 6-Packed Anime Hunk

Founder of islands and women's dreams.

5 Moments In Thomson-East Coast MRT Line’s Anime Ad That Took Our Breath Away

Thomson-East Coast MRT Line Anime Ad Features NDP Flags & Underground Caverns It's always heartening to see Singapore represented in foreign works. A Place Further Than...


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