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Scammers Allegedly Dupe Elderly S’poreans Into Buying $26,000 ‘Disease-Curing Chair’

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Scam Targets Elderly, Forces Them To Pay For Facials In Chinatown

Beauty Salon Staff Escorts Woman To ATM And Pressures Her To Withdraw Money A disturbing video of an employee forcing an elderly lady to withdraw...

Man Allegedly Raises Funds For Orphans Near Waterloo Street Temple, Public Cautioned Of Scam

He allegedly approached 100 people in 30mins.

Yishun Uncle Buys $1,000 Worth Of Apple Gift Cards, Netizen Suspects Scam & Issues...

Please check on the uncle if you know him.

76-Year-Old US Ah Ma Fights Attacker With Wooden Plank, Puts Young Man On A...

The ah ma is now severely traumatised.

S’pore Siblings Use Grandma’s ATM Card To Buy Items Worth $28,600, Both Charged In...

They used the money to buy branded goods.

Netizen Spots ‘Beggars’ At MacPherson MRT, They’ll Allegedly Ask For Top-Up Money

Have you encountered these 'beggars'?

10 Bizarre Animal Crossings Due To Covid-19 As Cities Are Like Deserted Islands IRL

Not just chickens crossing roads anymore.


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