A&W Flagship Outlet Expected In 2018

We think this story needs to no flowery introduction, so we’ll just get straight to the point — Yes, A&W is coming back to Singapore!

Perhaps unknown to the younger generation, the fast-food restaurant whose long name is Allen and Wright was actually the first such eatery to open in Singapore back in 1966, before making history again when they set up our first “drive-through” restaurant 4 years later.

Sadly, all of its outlets in Singapore closed down by 2003, but if its chief executive Kevin Bazner is to be believed, we can expect the 14-year hiatus of the retro restaurant to come to an end soon.


It’s Back, It’s Back, It’s Back!

This is the most exciting news we have heard since Joseph Schooling won an Olympic gold medal, and we at the MustShareNews office are literally shaking with excitement. No more hunting down A&W outlets when we go to Malaysia any more!

Mr Bazner told Yahoo that A&W is looking to open up at least 30 new outlets every year in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. In fact, the company has already built an office in Singapore to prepare for the expansion, and is currently looking for retail space for a “flagship company restaurant” on our island.

That outlet, expected to open in 2018, will eventually serve as a “training store” for the other franchises in South-east Asia.

Yummy Delights

For those who may not know, some of the delights that A&W is best known for include its root beer float:


one-of-a-kind coney dogs:


And not forgetting its waffles:


And crispy fried chicken:


We just can’t wait to have these yummies pass by our lips again, in Singapore.

All The Best

Here’s wishing Mr Bazner and his team all the best in bringing back to orgasmic Coney dogs, root beer floats and curly fries.

In light of the recent MRT breakdowns and the never-ending 38 Oxley Road saga, thanks for giving us Singaporeans something to smile about.

Here are some of the other “dead” fast-food restaurants that we hope will be resurrected in Singapore too:

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