Abandoned Pangolin’s health is no longer at risk


A four-month-old Sunda pangolin was found at Upper Thomson Road (22 Feb) frail and hungry. Fortunately, the vets at Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS)’s rescued the pangolin and nursed it back to health.

The baby pangolin is in the pink of health

The baby pangolin currently weighs 1.1kg and stays in a veterinary ward where it sleeps and plays.

After it is independent and has adjusted to the diet of the other grown pangolins in the Night Safari, it will join the other seven pangolins at the Night Safari’s Fishing Cat Trail.

Every morning and evening, the baby pangolin will trail along the forested grounds for exercise and adapt to the natural surroundings.


As of yesterday (7 Apr), the baby pangolin had a huge appetite and ate the ants’ eggs. It was playful too — it did not want to let go of the caretaker’s arms and it was heartwarming to see that the pangolin is recovering well under his foster human parent.

The pangolin’s caregivers will add the baby pangolin’s favourite treat — ants’ eggs — to the captive diet so that the baby pangolin will get used to it. However, the baby pangolin is clever enough to just eat the ants’ eggs and not the rest.

Pangolins do not usually thrive under human care


WRS chief life sciences officer Dr Cheng Wen-Haur said:

“Successfully raising a Sunda pangolin from such a young age is a real achievement. This critically endangered species has notoriously low survival rates under human care, and this experience has given us invaluable knowledge on how to care for the species.”

Around the world, all eight species of pangolins are close to extinction because of an excess of illegal trade for its scales, human consumption and medicine in East Asia. Locally, the Sunda pangolin is threatened with habitat loss and motor vehicle accidents.

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Featured image via Wildlife Reserves Singapore
With reference to Wildlife Reserves Singapore