10 Abdullah Tarmugi Facts That Show There’s More To Him Than Politics


Facts About Mr Abdullah Tarmugi


Having retired in 2011, Abdullah Tarmugi might have fallen out of the public eye in recent times, but he was once a familiar face in the world of Singapore politics. He was a former MP for Siglap constituency, Minister for Community Development from 1994 – 2002, and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs from 1993 – 2002.

Mr Abdullah was also Speaker of Parliament from 2002 to 2011.

Most recently, he was appointed as a member of the Presidential Council for Minority Rights in 2011, and is still on the council.

But there’s more to the man than his political career; we got to know Mr Abdullah on a deeper level with this a list of facts.

1. He came from a humble family

Abdullah Tarmugi was born to a Javanese father and a Chinese mother. His father was a low-salaried surveyor’s assistant, while his grandfather ran a provision shop.

2. His wife is Chinese


Mr Abdullah’s wife, Shirley, is Chinese. She was the principal of Monk’s Hill Secondary School, and retired in 2002.

3. Their parents gave them the seal of approval

The pair met at RI (Raffles Institution) and married in 1969 after five years of courtship. Their families held no reservations and gave their blessings to the pair readily.

4. His children are in wildly different occupations

Mr and Mrs Abdullah live in Bukit Timah and have two children – Shireen, an education and outreach programme director at a theatre company, and Hirman, an assistant superintendent in the Singapore Police Force.

5. A man of many talents


Mr Abdullah was not only good at academics, he was good at singing too – he was a prefect at RI and was a Talentime winner.

6. He was a sportsman


He participated in sports while studying at RI, and represented the institution in rugby.

7. But there was also an artsy side

The young Mr Abdullah had an interest in the arts and was in the drama club as a student.

He also played Mark Antony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar — one of the most famous love stories of all time, where Mark Antony’s love for Cleopatra became a threat to the Roman Empire.

8. The couple are foodies

During their free time, Mr and Mrs Abdullah enjoys scouring Singapore for the best eats on the island.

9. He plays the cello

Mr Abdullah retired in Oct 2011 and wanted to pick up new skills, so he decided to pick up an instrument and learned how to play the cello from scratch.

10. He was in a theatre production, directed by his daughter


Mr Abdullah had a role in his daughter’s theatre production titled Figuring Father.

Mr Abdullah told Life! In an interview:

“I was actually quite excited when Shireen first broached the idea of the work-in-progress presentation. The project gave us the opportunity to bond further as a father and daughter and as adults.”

Abdullah Tarmugi, loving husband and father

Mr Abdullah’s dedication to the country is not only apparent, but admirable.

Aside from serving the country, he is a loving husband to his wife, and nurturing father to his children.

We wish Mr Abdullah all the best if he’s running for president!

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