Neighbours of HDB abused elderly were not aware of steps that can be taken to protect her

Netizens played a large role in alerting authorities when a recent video of elderly lady being abused went viral. Many contacted Ministry of Social and Family (MSF) and reported to the authorities for actions to be taken. Their actions were commendable, demonstrating a collective concern for the safety and well-being of the old lady.

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However, the neighbour later reported that the violence had been going on for the past six months. They witnessed the daughter physically slapping and kicking her mother. One neighbour even heard screaming coming from their unit. Still, the neighbours did not interfere with the abuse as they had no idea on what could have been done.


Instead of staying silent, the neighbours can report the abuse case to the police for investigation. They can also bring up this matter to organizations such as MSF to ask for the social worker assistance. These organizations will ensure that the elderly will be safe and take further actions if needed.

The prolonged abuse that she suffered could have been prevented if the neighbours knew what steps to take.

What can you do if you experience abuse?

What about for the abused? What are some you can take to prevent abuse?

There are different organizations such as MSF, Stop Family Violence, and AWARE that are able to aid victims. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that your safety is not compromised.

Report to the police

Go to the police for help to make a report on the abuse. You can apply for a Protection or Expedited Order to protect from future abuse.

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Seek guidance from the Family Service Centre

Proceed to the nearest Family Service Centre when you need a listening ear. The social worker will give the necessary precautions for you to take to protect yourself and your family members.


Go for medical treatment if injured

It’s important to seek medical care at the nearest clinic or hospital. If you don’t want to take action, ask the doctor to document your injuries as evidence.


Proceed to find a temporary place when in fear of your safety

You can take shelter with trusted family or friends. Otherwise, you could go to report to the police or the Family Service Centre and they will be able to find a crisis shelter for you.


Apply for Protection Order

Apply to the Family Court for a Protection Order to stop family violence, or an Expedited Order when you or your family’s safety is threatened.
If above 21, you can apply for these orders yourself, or head to the nearest Family Service Centre or Family Violence Specialist Centres for assistance.


Hotlines available

In case of any emergencies, you can proceed to call these available hotlines available:

ComCare Call

SOS (24 hours daily)

MSF Child Protection Service

Tinkle Friend Helpline (for Child Abuse)

Care Corner Project StART
6476 1482

Promoting Alternatives to Violence (PAVE)
6555 0390

6449 9088

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To sum up

It’s important to spread awareness of family violence and the necessary steps to be taken. This lack of information led the elderly lady to be abused for 6 months before any action was taken. Hopefully the information given above is sufficent for you to know of what can be done if you ever experience or witness abuse.

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With references from Ministry of Social and Family Development, Stop Family Violence, Aware