What To Call Every Relative On CNY

In return for a sweet angpao every Chinese New Year, we often have to go through the undue stress that is addressing your elders.

You see, every relative that you only see once a year has a very specific title that only comes in useful that same once a year. Simply calling them ‘auntie’ or ‘uncle’ isn’t enough. No, you have to call them by their exact rank and title.

So what do you call your mom’s mother’s second sister’s third daughter’s first child?

Worry not, because we’ve got your back.


Here’s a list of every relative’s title, based on how they are related to you.

Say hello to auntie

So now, every time your mother asks you to “Say hello to auntie”, you know exactly what to call her, in return for an angpao.

Just don’t open the angpao right in front of her.

Featured image via MustShareNews.