Airbus A330 Planes Will Have Minimalist Beds & Full Office Suites By 2020

Plane geeks, you’ve been warned. The following pictures may cause turbulence in your systems.


Airbus has big plans for their new series of Airbus A330 planes, of which Singapore Airlines famously operates a number of.

Minimalist and futuristic sleeper beds in the cargo hold of the plane.


Swanky office modules with meeting rooms and chill areas, so you can R&R in style even when you’re 20,000 feet in the air.


Check out Zodiac Aerospace’s nifty collab with Airbus to see a glimpse into the future of the aviation. We take a look at what to expect after the jump.

Futuristic lower deck passenger suites

Each cabin seems to be flanked by rows of double-decker bunk beds.


Which are located on the lower deck of the plane, accessible via a staircase.


There are multiple uses for each cabin, said to be suitable for families and businesses alike.


Spacious shared areas can be re-purposed to house educational games and toys.


Or even be converted into a mini-lounge to screen movies.


Alternatively, medical patients who may need procedures onboard flights could use the area as well.


Private pods for work can be set-up for that last minute client pitching sesh.


Huh, what about my luggage?

Mini-cabins, otherwise known as “passenger modules” will be housed directly on the cargo floor.

You don’t have to worry about having sufficient space for your luggages as these new modules will not affect the loading and storage of freight and cargo.

Best of all, these modules are interchangeable.

Airlines will be able to switch out sleeping modules with regular cargo containers when the need arises.

Prices aren’t confirmed

The mini-cabins have been designed to be offered as an add-on for long haul flights.

Perhaps this could be useful for passengers who would like an in-flight nap in the comfort of a warm bed.


Perfect for those who aren’t interested in meals or in-flight entertainment and simply want a place to sleep on their 17-hour commute.

The plan is for passengers to buy a normal seat on the aircraft, and top-up an additional price for the bed, to be decided by the airlines.

Then, they simply have to take a staircase to the cargo hold and access their cabins.

Apparently, Airbus may be including high definition display screens to simulate windows in these passenger cabins.

So you won’t have to worry about missing out on the view either.

Crossing our fingers

Singapore Airlines currently owns a fleet of Airbus A330 jets.


Not to mention A350 XWB planes, which is another model on the list for upgrades.


We won’t be surprised if the world’s leading airline will be bringing aboard this new service as well.

Fingers crossed.

Featured image from Zodiac Aerospace.