Alternative 2018 Countdown Parties Below $6

If your resolution for the new year is to try something new, all the more reason you should ring in the new year getting a head start on your resolution.

But if going for a countdown party where minimum spending is $150 per head isn’t quite your jam, then maybe it’s time for some budget alternatives to finally fulfill that “Save Money” resolution you’ve been putting off for the last 3 years.

Perhaps jumping on the bandwagon and going with the crowd isn’t really your thing, so we’ve come up with a list of alternative ways to ring in 2018.

This entire list consists of events that cost less than $6, and even a few that are completely free.

1. Tampines countdown 2018: Into A New World at Our Tampines Hub 

For those in the east not looking to travel too far, there’s going to be a countdown party at Our Tampines Hub.

This countdown party is going to include a variety of local acts, cool activities to try out, and the best part is that it’s going to be free of charge.


You can even try your hand at flight simulators, giant bouncy castles, and classic arcade games. There’s definitely going to be something for everyone.

Local celebrities Pornsak, Kelly Poon, and many more are going to be present too, taking part in the festivities. They’re even going to have their own fireworks display, so you don’t have to travel down to town to watch them.

2. Boon Lay countdown: Take Flight In 2018 at Boon Lay Place

Fret not, those in the west, you haven’t been forgotten. Boon Lay will be having its own countdown celebrations, too. With free entry and a host of activities, Boon Lay’s party will rival the countdown at Tampines.


Attendees are going to be treated to street performances, a movie screening, and free snacks. Boon Lay residents are going to be entertained with a fireworks show too, all without having to leave their neighbourhood.

3. Bukit Batok East countdown

They might be celebrating the arrival of a new year, but Bukit Batok East is celebrating with a whole lot of nostalgia and old school vibes. Tickets are $5 each, with snacks on sale from the good old primary school days, such as kachang puteh and kueh tutu. The best part is, these snacks will cost no more than 40 cents each.


Keep in mind, this party is about celebrating the past while moving forward, so don’t bring any cash. All transactions will be by card, to encourage the Smart Nation initiative.

Bonus: If Tampines, Boon Lay, and Bukit Batok are inconvenient locations for you, here’s a handy list of other community celebrations taking place around the island to attend!

4. Esplanade countdown party

Beat the heat and the crowds by attending performances indoors at the Esplanade leading up to the fireworks, by artists such as Gayle Nerva and Gareth Fernandez, for free.


After the performances, head up to the Esplanade Roof terrace to see the fireworks up close, and bask in the glory that your #fireworks insta shots are going to be way more epic than other’s on your insta feed.

Bonus: If you’re more of an early riser and staying up late doesn’t sound that appealing to you, spend your New Year’s Eve participating in a refreshing 90 minute Sunset Yoga Flow session at The Esplanade Park.

5. The Pinnacle@Duxton

For a small fee of $6, you can head up to the 50th storey and catch the fireworks from great heights.


Make sure you head there early and queue for your spot, so that you don’t end up disappointed. If you’re lucky and do end up on top of the world, you’ll have unobstructed views of the fireworks, and pretty much all of Singapore, too.

6. Picnic on the Floating Platform

Perhaps you’re unconvinced and still want to head to the Marina Bay area to check out the fireworks. Don’t worry, we gotchu.

Might as well do it right if you’re going to do it and brave the crowds, so here’s are the best ways to check out the Floating Platform fireworks without conforming and going with the flow of the crowd.

Join the heart of the action for a small fee of $5.50, and have a picnic on the floating platform.


You’ll be guaranteed the absolute best view of the fireworks if you have a picnic on the floating platform.

There’s even going to be a Countdown Market nearby, offering many different stalls where you can pick up food and trinkets. You can even buy locally made crafts, as a souvenir to keep of your great evening.

7. Marina Barrage


Or, just do that thing everybody does on windy nights in Singapore. Just hang out at the Barrage, and wait till the fireworks start at Marina Bay, and count down with a bunch of strangers. Depending on if you’re planning a picnic or just turning up empty-handed, the cost here could range from $0 to however much you intend to splurge. Just make sure to find a spot early.

So many celebrations

There are so many different celebrations to choose from all over our little red dot, and there’s definitely something for everyone.

Although watching the fireworks may not be the activity of choice for everyone, there are still numerous ways to have a blast during your final hours of 2017.

At the end of the day, if all else fails and you can’t figure out how to celebrate your evening, just gathering a few friends and soaking in the atmosphere is always a great way to end the year.

We’re sure that whether you choose to fight the crowds or perhaps go for a more low-key celebration, you’re going to end up having a great New Year’s Eve celebration.

Featured image via thetravelingfirefighter