Amazon Prime Has Resorted To Booking Taxis For Making Deliveries


Amazon x Taxis Could Prove To Be The Solution Taxi Companies Are Striving For

If you were unable to select a delivery window for your purchases on Amazon Prime Now the past few days, don’t worry, because everyone else was experiencing the exact same thing.

Before you raise your pitchforks and load up your Internet, please read on.

Aww what, now I have to go outside


See, while you were busy online shopping, private drivers hired by Amazon were painstakingly overworked ensuring that you got that bag of chips because why leave your house to get one, right?

Which is why they’ve resorted to using taxis to make deliveries.

Taxi Services?

Remember me?


Yes, taxi services are still a thing in Singapore and no, they’ve not died out.


An Unexpected Lifeline For Taxi Companies

Because of life-threatening issues such as waiting outside to hail a cab, taxi services aren’t doing great these days, and are close to be rendered obsolete.

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve not stepped into a taxi since the last time you stepped out to get groceries.

Because leaving your house is overrated


But Amazon’s new scheme could just be the shot in the arm that taxi companies need.

Will I Get My Delivery On Time Now?

Yes, if that’s all you care about.

Amazon’s current collaboration with ComfortDelGro provides the same options as their regular services:

  • Free 2-hour deliveries with a minimum order of $40
  • $5.99 for 2-hour deliveries for orders less than $40
  • $9.99 for 1-hour deliveries for any amount

And in case you haven’t already rushed off to make another purchase, the bookings are operated exactly like normal taxi bookings whereby at least one passenger is required to be on board.

Doesn’t This Make Amazon Lose Money?

Short-term wise, yes. With their warehouse located at Jurong of all places, there’s no way a delivery to Pasir Ris can be profitable.

But Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos didn’t briefly become the world’s richest person by not taking risks.

Bill Gates can eat my shorts


After all unlike other companies, Amazon has been known to deliver not only literally but figuratively as well when they say they’re working on it.

The Future Of Taxis

Could this be a glimpse of the future of taxis here in Singapore?

Is a partnership between taxi operators such as ComfortDelGro and TransCab, and Amazon the key to ensuring the industry’s survival in the constantly evolving world?

Guess I’m not dying anytime soon


Perhaps, but only time will tell if this change is temporary or permanent.

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