Former General Manager of Ang Mo Kio Town Council Has Vanished From Public View

It’s been a year since Mr Victor Wong, the general manager and secretary of Ang Mo Kio Town Council (AMKTC), was removed from his position, after a complaint was lodged over “the way he handles contracts and dealings in the town council”.

The Public Service Media recipient was placed on indefinite leave and removed from his post. According to Channel NewsAsia, Mr Wong was last known to have been undergoing investigation by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

Despite Singaporeans expecting some kind of conclusion or even an explanation by now, there has been nary a whisper or a peep about the case.

Remember me?

We’ve been here before

In January this year, we wrote about the differing coverage between the two cases. Going into the weekend before the New Year, public knowledge of the investigation’s proceedings remains at zero.

And zero seems to be the level of care afforded by residents of Ang Mo Kio and Singaporeans at large.

This is a far cry from the media treatment that the leaders of the Workers’ Party received in the wake of the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council saga.

Was there an official account from the CPIB regarding the criminal charges?


How about a lawsuit from the AMKTC to retrieve any arrears from Mr Wong?

Don’t hold your breath.

Well, at least his successor’s doing a good job. Look, they even got top marks in their report card!


Actually, while the Town Council Management Report done by the Ministry of National Development looks good on paper, AMKTC is one of only 2 councils out of 16 to not receive a ‘green’ rating for Corporate Governance.

The other town council? AHTC, of course.

What does this say about the AHTC case?

By virtue of the fact that none of the Workers’ Party members have been called up to lim kopi at CPIB headquarters, it seems that they are likely in the clear.

Given the clear imbalance in media coverage between the AMKTC and AHTC cases, it’s safe to say that mainstream media would have been all over any possible investigations.

As for Mr Victor Wong, his fate is still unknown to us all.

Last year, in response to the AMKTC probe, Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam said that “no town council, no one, nothing will be swept under the carpet

The mysterious case of Victor Wong has yet to be solved and will slowly but surely fade from public consciousness.

In reply to Minister Shanmugam’s comments, a spokesman for the Workers’ Party urged the public to “wait for the findings of the CPIB on the AMKTC case and let the law take its course.”

We’re still waiting.

Featured image from Facebook and AMKTC.