The master troll apologises for his false allegations, all is forgiven

After trolling (although IRL we call it lying to) the mainstream media with a delicious tidbit about his ex-bailor Vincent Law molesting him, Amos Yee was about to face the wrath of the youth counsellor, because the same mainstream media that Amos trolled had also gone ahead and reported the molest allegation.

So Amos had to apologise, or else, well, Vincent Law was going to sue the pants out of him and any MSM outlet who reproduced the allegations.

Of course, Amos chose to apologise, on the social media his lawyer Alfred Dodwell had equated to drinking water:



Vincent Law, seemingly preaching the same tenet of forgiveness Amos mentioned, gave his response:



The public apology will probably still come later, but for now, the hatchet appears to be buried between the two.

And everybody lived happily after…

…is what I would say, but Amos is still to be sentenced for his crimes against humanity on 2 June.

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