Amos just cannot stop entertaining us

Amos Yee confirmed through his lawyers that he will be appealing against his conviction of intending to wound the religious feelings of Christians in a video, and for uploading an obscene image onto his blog.

The teenage blogger will also be appealing against his sentence of a backdated jail term of 4 weeks that started from 2 June.

Amos has just one request — for his appeal to be heard by a non-Christian judge.

Amos’ request seems odd, because the previous judge who found Amos guilty is:


Ms Jasvender Kaur, a non-Christian judge to begin with.

Maybe Amos is subtly seeking for a Catholic judge instead.

Why did Amos ask for a non-Christian judge?

Amos’ lawyer, Ervin Tan, told The Straits Times that the request for a non-Christian judge to hear the appeal is required for justice, due to the nature of the charges on Amos.

We will be asking for the appeal to be fixed before a non-Christian judge in the High Court, given the nature of the charge. This is based on the fundamental principle that justice should manifestly be seen to be done.

– Ervin Tan

Amos and his lawyers’s logic: Request for a non-Christian judge to hear the appeal, because a non-Christian judge found Amos guilty for the making derogatory comments on Christianity.


Former SPH journalist Bertha Henson summarised our doubts that requesting for a non-Christian judge will make the appeal no fairer than the previous ruling.

Henson even dispensed some golden tips to Amos’ seemingly useless lawyers.

Amos’ request for a non-Christian judge is in fact unnecessary, bizarre, and reeks of desperation to stay relevant.

In fact, Amos had to dig out his book of grievances to look for more entertainment to give us, and so he did.

Amos is also looking to sue the court slapper

Earlier this year (30 April), Amos was slapped by a man outside of court. The guy — identified as Neo Gim Huah — spent 3 weeks in jail for that punishment and had made it to Amos’ Big Book of Grievances.

Aside from appealing against his convictions in the high courts, Amos also took to Facebook to announce his intention to sue Mr Neo for the slap yesterday (20 July).

So much entertainment from Amos

The Amos Yee saga looks set to continue now that the boy blogger has formally decided to appeal against his sentence, as well as to sue his assailant.

The events surrounding Amos suggests that he simply loves to be in the center of attention.

And we, unfortunately, just cannot help but be entertained by his antics.

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Featured Image via The Star Online
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