A Fight From Nothing

Singapore’s “favourite” son Amos Yee may be far from our shores now, at least for the time being, but the repercussions from his adventures in his homeland are still being felt.

A young man, Bryon Loke Thong Ler, 19, pled guilty on Wednesday (Feb 1) to using criminal force on the infamous YouTuber during an incident in Jurong Point in May 2016 — in what has been revealed to be a truly bo liao incident where Loke paid for his item at a ValueDollar store while waiting to ambush Amos.

It has to be seen to be believed. Luckily, we can see part of it here:


Stare What Stare?

Amos Yee’s spat with a Bryon Loke Thong Ler is the definition of making a mountain out of a molehill. It’s as if they got their inspiration from gang-related “staring incidents”.

To be very honest, even we are confused as to how it started, because what sparked the whole fiasco was so trivial that nobody in their right mind would have noticed anything untoward.

What Just Happened

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened, according to The Straits Times:

  • Loke and his girlfriend were at a ValueDollar shop, which Amos also happened to be in
  • Loke was convinced he “sensed” Amos looking at him and hence, very logically, concluded that Amos must be stalking him.

Amos Yee's Attacker Bothered To Pay For His Item While Waiting To Ambush Him At Mall_THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY GIF


  • Hence, Loke attempted to take a photo of Amos to prove that Amos was indeed stalking him.
  • According to Loke, Amos retaliated by taking a video of Loke, and refusing to delete said video when confronted.
  • This results in the above video that depicts Loke attempting to stop Amos by, enveloping him in a bear hug, preventing Amos from moving his arms and causing him to shout for help.
  • After Amos struggled free and ran into a FairPrice outlet, Loke called the police, despite him being the one who physically attacked Amos first.
  • While waiting to ambush Amos, Loke was reminded by the ValueDollar store manager to pay for the items he was holding. Yup, Loke went shopping while waiting to ambush his quarry.
  • Loke arm-locked Amos again when Amos exited the supermarket, until he was told to release him by the police.


Did you get an overwhelming feeling of wanting to slap your forehead or bang it on the table repeatedly after reading that?

We hate to sound like we are taking Amos Yee’s side here, but all this senselessness wouldn’t have gone down if Loke hadn’t thought that Amos was stalking him, for no good reason. Perhaps Amos’ bad reputation preceded him, and Loke’s paranoia made him expect that something funny would happen.

Amos Yee’s bad reputation isn’t unfounded, though, given his actions over the last few years.

And Amos also escalated the situation by confronting Loke and trying to take a video of him.

It appears that both parties were in the wrong and overreacted, badly.

Amos Yee's Attacker Bothered To Pay For His Item While Waiting To Ambush Him At Mall_STOP ACTING LIKE A 5 YO


The Punishment

Loke is facing a maximum penalty of 3 months’ jail and a fine of $1,500. According to The Straits Times, Deputy Public Prosecutor Teo Lu Jia asserted that people who use violence against another and take the law into the own hands would not be condoned.

Amos Yee, of course, is at the moment undergoing incarceration of his own in the United States, as a result of his asylum bid.

Take A Step Back

Ultimately, let’s take a step back and remember that both Amos and Loke are still youths — immature ones, who jump to conclusions (feeling their presence = they are stalking you… seriously?) and resort to brute force when things don’t go their way.

We sincerely hope wish this incident saga was an isolated one, but of course it wasn’t. Read our story about a previous case of assault against Amos Yee.

Featured Image from YouTube.