What could be worse than serving NS?

*Disclaimer: Some crude language is used when quoting the boy genius. 

The Boy Wonder has struck again, successfully creating news for himself by offending more people. It started with anti-Muslim offensive comments which escalated to the police charging him with “Deliberate Intent to Wound the Religious or Racial Feelings of any Person”. Amos Yee, who became an overnight sensation after uploading an anti-Lee Kuan Yew video titled ‘Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead!’ on YouTube, has managed to capture and retain the attention of netizens.

And he is revelling in it.

He has showed no signs of repentance thus far, and his behaviour of late (actually, not just recently) makes one can’t help but think that he misses jail already. After all, he’d rather go to jail than be kept in remand. Or maybe the 17-year-old just wants to stay behind bars so he doesn’t have to serve National Service next year.

MustShareNews scrutinises the last few blogposts written by Amos Yee and here are 5 signs that show that he’d rather go to jail than NS:

1. Amos’s blogpost in response to Calvin Cheng’s inflammatory comments

Ex-Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Calvin Cheng made a radical statement about killing the children of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) members, “in case they grow up to be terrorists”.

In response, Amos Yee wrote a profanity-ridden blogpost titled Thoughts on Calvin Cheng wanting to kill childrenin which he said:

Oh yes and fuck islam, and allah doesn’t exist, but say you see a prick from ISIS who wants to kill or has even killed before, don’t think that’s a scenario where it’s alright to kill him.

This was also probably what triggered the police charge.

2. The genius continues to post seditious remarks on Facebook

Okay if he’s not asking for trouble, then what is it? Mind you, he must be oblivious to the fact that there are laws in the country which have to followed.

As if the previous blogpost wasn’t enough, criticising Muslims and Islam would only help dig Amos’s grave deeper.

Amos said in his Facebook post:

I have obviously gained condemnation from the dumb muslim community in Singapore. and like mecca itself, the islamics seem to have lots of sand in their vaginas too, because the number of stupid death threats I got is voluminous. But don’t mind them, they do after all follow a sky wizard and a pedophile prophet.

Other than the fact that his use of crude and offensive language is totally bizarre, the post displays his total lack of knowledge, and discriminatory attitude towards Muslims and Islam.

3. Amos does not seem to have a shred of repentance

Despite having multiple posts taken down by Facebook , the 17-year-old fails to keep his mouth shut.

In a blogpost titled the banned anti-Islam Facebook post by Amos Yee, the unapologetic teenager wrote:

The truth is that these religious pricks are offended, but either don’t want to admit it, or want to ‘forgive’ me (which you can’t really ‘forgive’ someone who hasn’t done anything wrong.)

That’s right, our golden boy still thinks that he is correct and has done no wrong.

4. Brazen boy continues to insult Islam and Muslims

A certain “Mohammad Hussein”, who claimed to be related to the ISIS, has issued a death threat to Amos Yee through Reddit after the teen’s offensive remarks against Muslims and Islam.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 2.26.20 PM


Kinda strange to send death threats via Reddit though.

Of course, Amos was undeterred by the threat, and wrote a response with a wide vocabulary of expletives to explain why Muslims should not believe in Islam.

But thank you hussein, from your act of issuing this death threat to me, you have provided another wonderful reason why muslims should be disgusted by their belief of shit-face allah, immediately convert to atheism, and have islam burned to the ground.

The teenager also mocks “Hussein” for not publishing his address, and insults the supposed ISIS supporter at every opportunity.

But maybe he doesn’t really want jail after all…

5. Escaping charges

Amos Yee is apparently “on the run from the law” and avoiding his charges. Instead of facing the music he chooses to escape — perhaps he is setting himself up for a longer and harsher jail sentence.

Fuelling his overinflated ego?

Looks like all this attention from the media, netizens, and Amos supporters alike has been pumping his overinflated ego.

But with the police knocking at his door, it’s time Amos takes responsibility for his own actions.


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