Amos Yee repays ex-bailor’s kindness

[UPDATE] 13 May, 11:25PM : Amos has clarified that his earlier post was simply a ruse to manipulate with the media. He never turned up at Pasir Panjang to speak to the press, and was certainly never molested by Vincent Law. 

Yeah… I think some people found out by now… I did, in fact, make use of the voracious desire of the reporters, to fuck…

Posted by Amos Yee on Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ha. Ha. 

YEEEEE! Amos Yee has struck again – this time, with a new name in his burn book: Vincent Law, aka his ex-bailor.

With his newfound freedom to post material online, here’s what Yee posted:

The post started out innocently enough with his usual attention-seeking antics, beckoning for the media to “catch” him. In case you missed the gist, Yee posted “I’ll even reveal that little tidbit of information on how my ex-bailor, Vincent Law, molested me“.

To this allegation, Law said:

I deny this very serious and false allegation that he has made. I have no idea why he would say that.

Even Yee’s lawyer, Alfred Dodwell was caught by surprise:

He’s never communicated this to me or my team.



Here’s our favourite comment:

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