Excuse me, wasn’t Amos Yee said to be suicidal in remand just a week ago?

[UPDATE 20 June, 11:00pm]

On 2 June, Amos Yee was sent to remand for 3 weeks, with the next hearing set for 23 June. In the meantime, the 17-year-old will be in the remand prison.

A letter from Amos’s lawyers last week revealed that all was not well for the teenager in his time in remand. Amos was said to be having suicidal thoughts.

As suicidal as he may be, Amos is not prepared to fall out of the limelight anytime soon.

Yesterday (18 June) evening, a series of Facebook posts began appearing on Amos’ Facebook wall, taunting the government once again.

1. Guess who’s back on Facebook (18 June, 5pm)

Amos posted his first Facebook update since being sent to remand.


Interesting choice of words to announce his return to the social media.

2. Asking the Government to dance with him again (18 June, 11pm)

Amos challenges the government once again, this time promising to go “all the way”.

Looks like things are going to get interesting.

3. Hailing himself a martyr (19 June, 2am)


A Facebook post at 2am?

In his third post, Amos compared himself to the Jesus, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela (all of whom were persecuted for their beliefs).

Hailing himself as a martyr.

black and white animated GIF

Wow, Amos, I really don’t need you to do that for me. I’m really happy with the freedom I have at the moment.

4. No walking on sunshine (19 June, 8am)

Amos’s fourth post gives a view on how prison life may be.

According to him, there is no sunlight exposure throughout his entire time in remand.

There is, however, internet access.


5. Life ain’t fun in prison (19 June, 10am)

Amos voiced out his plight in remand in this post, subtly hinting at his amazing strength and willpower to withstand the terrible ordeal being in prison.

Well, prison life is not supposed to be all sunshine and rainbows, Amos.

[UPDATE 19 June, 4pm]

6. It gets darker (19 June 3pm)

Amos continues his antics, a sixth post was put up at 3pm.

There is no news that he is being released from his remand, which only mean that he is still behind the prison doors.

This time, he revealed the identity of two prison officers who had treated him badly, B L Yap and Gregory Leong.

Quick searches on the two names yield no good results.

Nonetheless, the Singapore Prison Service may have some explaining to do.

[UPDATE 19 June, 10pm]

7. Accusation against Police Officer (19 June 7pm)

The Facebook posts are still turning up, despite Straits Times now confirming that Amos Yee is still in prison and prisoners do not have access to the internet. Amos’s mother declined to comment on this matter.

Things are starting to get bizarre now.


[UPDATE 20 June, 11am]

8. Leg shackles bringing Amos down but not his Facebook posts (20 June 9am)

It is the third day of the mysterious posts on Amos’ Facebook page. There seems to be no signs of slowing down.

In his eighth Facebook post, Amos further accused Policemen of abusing him with the leg shackles.

[UPDATE 20 June, 11pm]

9. Amos felt like a girl in a Police van

In the latest edition of the mystery Facebook posts from Amos, he raised alarms on his safety when inside the police van.

Dean - Scared


What’s going on?

One question remains — how did those Facebook posts appear on Amos’s wall?

Did he have internet access in prison?

Maybe someone posted on his behalf?

Did someone hack his Facebook account?

Perhaps he is actually a fortune teller and had already scheduled these Facebook posts before he went into prison?

Maybe he forgot to log out in an Internet Cafe at Balestier?

sheldon cooper animated GIF Source

On a serious note

We should understand that these Facebook posts may potentially cause Amos more trouble than he’s already in.

If someone had hacked his account, this sabotage will be really inhumane to Amos.

On the other hand, if Amos had indeed posted these, things are going to be really interesting.


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