Amos Yee is turning to crowd funding for his legal fees

The self-styled iconoclast is back.

Yesterday (14 April), Famous Amos himself, Amos Yee published a new blog post, calling for donations in order to fund his court fees, in order to continue “playing the game of thrones”.

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Yes, Amos Yee is unrepentant, Yee-uphoric even, and isn’t going to quit any time soon. Of course, this comes as a shock to absolutely no one, when he posted his controversial “Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead!” video. If anything, he thoroughly enjoys the attention that is now being foisted upon him.

References to the media writing about him? Check. The petitions to free him? Check. The hate mail he probably still receives? Check.

Haters have successfully made him famous.

Now, Amos is asking for $30,000 in donations to continue his legal case and to bolster his war chest, as obviously, he’s going to get into a lot more trouble if he continues down the path of offending Singaporeans and the Government. Also, he has only $70 in his bank account and his parents do not have the expenses or willingness to fund his, ah, noble endeavours.

Included in the post is a disclaimer that there is the possibility of him using the donated money for his own expenses, although he says he won’t.

Perhaps he drew inspiration from another blogger, Roy Ngerng, who managed to raise about $81,000 from donations alone. In an eerily similar case, Ngerng found fame and notoriety only after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong filed a lawsuit against him for defamation.

Are we seeing the next Roy Ngerng in the making? Is a trip to Europe next on Amos’s agenda?

More angry Singaporeans to come?

Amos Yee’s posts (including one featuring a particularly unflattering image of Lee Kuan Yew and Margaret Thatcher) and video suggest that he is antagonising Singaporeans and the Government not for a noble cause.

The true reason for his actions may be that he needs to get his name out to fund his fledging YouTube channel, via donations to his Patreon page.

A kid who’s essentially a school dropout has to get his money from somewhere, and YouTube alone isn’t enough for him to survive in Singapore.

Hence, the now widely-seen video, to make himself (in)famous. The line of reasoning seems to be that if he generates enough buzz around himself, the donations should flow more readily. Players like Roy Ngerng have proved that crowdfunding works when it comes to opposing the Government.

Whether Amos Yee will succeed in getting funds is another matter. People who hold him in high regard seem to be in the minority, and even opposition supporters may hesitate because of his age.

One thing’s for sure: even behind bars, Amos is still likely to piss people off wherever he goes. I guess he has learned to live with that though. It may only be a matter of time before he starts to don the mask.



But first, he needs the money. Maybe some of the donations can go into buying his costume.

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Featured image via Amos Yee, The Heart Truths
With references from Amos Yee’s Blog