New complications plague the Amos Yee case

Just when we thought that The Story of Amos Yee couldn’t get anymore complicated, it unleashes the ultimate cliffhanger:

The notorious 16 year old is still not sentenced because he may have Austim Spectrum Disorder.

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Amos’ reformative training suitability report was released today, revealing a simple fact: that he was fit for the training.

But the drama of the year wouldn’t be the drama of the year if the report didn’t also suggest that the teen might be autistic.

This newly released revelation has pushed the court to put Amos’ sentence on hold, until the Institute of Mental Health finishes 2 weeks of checks on Amos’ suitability for a Mandatory Treatment Order.

This is not even the first time the story’s plot has taken a turn for the unexpected, since people have been speaking up for the boy rather than shaming him on the Internet.

Amos’ mother recently joined in the ‘Free Amos Yee’ campaign by publicly shedding light on the “sufferings” her son had to go through while in remand:

mary toh

She also vocalised her desires for authorities to subject Amos to fairer treatment:

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And even embedded this notion in her choice of clothing at court today (23 June):

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UN speaks

The United Nations Human Rights Office for South-east Asia further legitimised the campaign in this statement:

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It now seems the court has a whole new ball game to consider.

Will all this change the court’s final verdict?

Will Amos be sent behind bars or treated like the mentally unsound?

Tune into the next episode of The Story of Amos Yee on 6 July to find out. (At least we hope you find out.)

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