Amos Yee Is Still In Jail As Asylum Grant Is Appealed

Amos Yee isn’t out of the woods yet. His asylum bid may have been granted by a judge in the United States, but prosecutors have appealed the decision.

This means he has to stay in jail for 6 months more, until the appeal is reviewed. Read our story about Amos Yee’s asylum bid and our story about why the asylum bid was granted.

A post on his Facebook profile on Thursday (April 27) written by an unidentified person wrote that Amos Yee has been on suicide watch for the past 2 weeks. This is serious:

No Laughing Matter

If this is true, it’s no laughing matter — nobody should be driven to suicide, whether or not you agree with his actions or beliefs.

We can understand that it’s obviously unpleasant to be in detention, although it’s a fate that he caused himself by seeking asylum in the US in the first place.

But we can never truly know what’s going on in someone’s mind that can drive him to suicide, and it’s simply crossing the line to not only be unsympathetic, but to encourage people to kill themselves, like these netizens.


You just don’t tell people to kill themselves, no matter how much you hate them. He is still someone’s son. Think of how his parents would feel.

Many people commit suicide, and it’s just heartbreaking for the people they leave behind, and a waste of a precious life.


However, most of those who commented on his Facebook page were mostly supportive and encouraged him not to give up:



Those who commented on other Facebook posts, including one on The Straits Times’ pages, weren’t so kind either — although note that their comments were made before it was revealed that Amos Yee was on suicide watch.

They were however mostly unsympathetic to the news that he would be spending longer in jail, mostly saying that he deserved it, and should not return to Singapore:


Some even accused Amos Yee of doing all of this just to evade national service.


No Turning Back

No matter what we feeling about Amos Yee, the nasty comments made about him on social media, even when he’s apparently on suicide watch, may give an idea as to why he wants to flee Singapore in the first place.

It’s just too bad, but he obviously has a hate-hate relationship with Singaporeans now, and we think there’s no repairing the acrimony.

The best thing now, for Amos Yee and for Singaporeans in general, is for Amos Yee’s asylum to succeed so he can be free in the US and Singaporeans who hate him can be free of him.

Featured image from Facebook