Amos Yee manipulated the newspapers

Yesterday (13 May), Amos Yee made a false in a Facebook post that he had was molested by Vincent Law, his bailor. Law is a family and youth counsellor. This happened less than a day after Amos was convicted and released on bail.

The claim was vehemently denied, and Amos’ lawyers themselves were taken by surprise. Mainstream media reporters however were quick to report on the baseless claims, without weighing the context of what he said or considering how it might hurt the integrity of the counsellor. Or using logic to work out that Amos was trying to troll them based on the context of his Facebook message.

We covered the news, but also expressed our disbelief that the claims were legitimate. Amos later clarified the claims were completely false.

So, how did a 17-year-old play the media so easily? MustShareNews takes a look:

So how exactly did he troll the reporters?

Step 1: Set up the bait

In his Facebook post, Amos started out by complaining that reporters were harassing him.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.15.07 am


He then continues writing sarcastically


By now, we know that he probably didn’t mean that chasing reporters away was the wrong approach, but he simply thought of changing the strategy to fend off the media. Why would he consider rewarding the people he considered “tabloid creating cunts” with a piece of exclusive news?

He ironically applauds reporters for being diligent.

Amos declared confidently:


His disrespectful and casual attitude towards sexual abuse might have hinted that the claim were complete untruths.


Step 2: Do not turn up

Reporters bit the bait and turned up at Pasir Panjang MRT Station at 5pm.  Turns out, Amos Yee was nowhere to be found.

Nonetheless, mainstream press gobbled the news up and repeated what Amos claimed on Facebook. There was no consideration about spreading a baseless claim that could potentially ruin the livelihood of a youth counsellor.

Step 3: Reveal that it was all a big fat joke

Later that day, in another Facebook post, Amos said:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.14.36 am


For once, he might have been actually right about the media.

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