Local beanbag company made Amos Yee-themed voodoo doll

In keeping with local trending news, as well as a way to celebrate April Fools’ Day, local bean bag company doob put up a post of a voodoo doll of everybody’s favourite villain of the moment, Amos Yee.

Claiming that the voodoo dolls were sold at $19.95 exclusively on their website, doob supposedly restricted the selling of them to the duration of 1 April, which is, of course, April Fools’ Day.

Seems like doob didn’t actually make any to be sold, but we’re pretty sure some people would love to have one…

They don’t actually work, in case you were wondering

The voodoo doll itself doesn’t actually work in the way that an actual voodoo doll would, so anyone hoping to make Amos Yee FEEL THE PAIN of insulting the Dear Father of Singapore will be disappointed.

However, the doll does have some interesting features:

– The Notorious Amos Voodoo Doll Set comes with a set of 14 pins so you too can share the pain!
– Poke Notorious Amos in a special place and hear it scream “YEEE!!!” in a high pitched yet articulate voice!
– Pull on the doob tag to make Notorious Amos smile and wave infuriatingly!

Creative stuff. If you can’t hurt him, you can at least make the voodoo doll go “YEEE!!!” and cackle maniacally as you imagine Amos Yee writhing in agony.

All in good fun

Okay, we’re not advocating that people really harm Amos Yee, with a voodoo doll or otherwise. But hey, if you’re having some pent-up anger over the video and needs something to vent your righteous anger, a voodoo doll may be of some help.

Or you can make your own, because doob isn’t selling them (for now).

As long as the voodoo doll isn’t actually working, of course.

Maybe they’ll make some to sell if enough people pester them on their FB page.

Before you say “ahhh, but voodoo dolls are just toys”, let us direct you to this:



Don’t underestimate the powers of black magick.

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