Amoy St. Bloc Party Is Back Again!

After a hugely successful debut party back in November, the Spa Esprit Group returns with the Amoy St. Bloc Party this April.

Source: Bless Inc. Asia Private Limited

If you cannot resist good food and some hip-turning music, then this is the party to be at — just look at how fun the previous party was.

We haven’t even showed you what you can do there.


If you are anything like me, then good food is a must have at any event. Luckily, the Bloc party will have tons of food.

Source: Bless Inc. Asia Private Limited

From gourmet burgers to exotic South-East Asian delicacies, Amoy St. will definitely have something to suit your palate.

Featuring many local establishments on Amoy Street like boCHINChe and Le Binchotan, this Bloc party is the place to be.


Rockin’ Music

Source: Bless Inc. Asia Private Limited

Tired of the suffocating night-clubs and the same old music?

Fret not, the Bloc Party will feature fresh new DJs like Chris D and Zig Zach who are straight outta Singapore. The lineup even include international artists like Maribou State, performing for the first time in our small island.

Work it Out

Some of us can’t afford to take a day off the grid, i.e the fitness-junkie life.

It’s okay, you can channel your inner basic b*tch and try some yoga instead.

Yoga Movement and F45, two well-established fitness studios, are also coming down to give lessons on yoga.


You could also get nostalgic by playing traditional ‘kampung’ style games, or break it down with dance sessions.


If the very sound of the word ‘exercise’ turns you off, fret not.

You could just go down for a beer and have a chill day in a hammock.

Source: Bless Inc. Asia Private Limited

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Amoy Street Bloc Party hits Amoy Street on April 23, 3pm to 10pm.

Be there!

Featured image from Bless Inc. Asia Private Limited