What sorcery is this?

Singaporeans now have something else tech-related to feel proud of after Creative: Novelsys, a Singaporean startup, has announced its final prototype of ampere, a portable charger with a twist: it’s completely wireless.

I used to have a portable charger with a wire port which was as loose as a wizard’s sleeve. Needless to say, that really got on my nerves and I had to buy a new wire. Wires for the most part are a hassle to deal with, and ampere removes all of that fuss. It comes in the form of a phone sleeve, an experience “which users would feel familiar with” and all you have to do is place your phone on the sleeve and presto, it will begin charging your phone! I can assure you that this is not a joke and that it already exists.

Just watch this teaser here (although they’re hiding the product itself for some strange reason).

Here’s the catch though – it currently comes at a princely sum of USD 119, but will be repriced at USD 84 in their forthcoming Kickstarter campaign in January next month. Not exactly grounds for bank robbery, but it’s still significantly more expensive than a wired portable charger in its power range of 2700 mAH.

So worth stealing that it can be password-protected?


ampere is also currently designed for smartphones and has a nifty iOS/Android app which you can use to control charge timings, use your phone to find ampere when you’ve misplaced it, and password-protect ampere. Judging from these functions, Novelsys probably expects ampere to be worth stealing. I’m not sure if I agree with that sentiment right now, but you can’t deny that the product is sleek and the very opposite of bulky – it weighs just 180 grams.

Not too bad for a start-up company which only began operations this year!

Check out their Kickstarter maybe?

If at this point you’re screaming “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” at your computer/phone screen right now, you can check out their Kickstarter campaign here to find out more and be notified immediately when the launch date arrives.

I don’t use a portable charger at present, but if I’m overseas, a portable charger would surely be useful. Then I can brag to foreigners that a few Singaporeans got together to make this, because it’s not everyday that we get to say that…except maybe for Creative products. Don’t worry Creative, we still remember you.

Featured image via: Novelsys’s Kickstarter page
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