Baby Animals In Singapore Who Deserve A Baby Bonus

Besides getting to go home with a bundle of joy, the greatest perk of having a baby in Singapore is — the baby bonus.

We believe these mama and papa animals deserve a baby bonus too, for blessing Singapore with these adorable little animal babies.

Cue the squealing, for here are 8 aww-worthy baby animals born in Singapore recently.

1. Maru the Penguin

King Penguins Zoro and Sora are now proud parents to a cute lil’ baby named Maru. 

He is the first King Penguin to be born at the Jurong Bird Park in 10 years.

Maru’s name means ‘round’ in Japanese, and he is definitely living up to his name.


Look at his chubby little self waddling around his enclosure.

2. Neha the Elephant

Despite being only a year old, Neha comes in at an insane 527kg. And, she’s still growing.

Her beautiful name means ‘love’ in Hindi, which is what we feel when see this picture of her after her mud bath. Who knew mud baths could look so good?


She’s also an incredibly clever girl, already responding to 10 different instructions given by her keepers.

3. Oban the White Rhino

Mighty baby Oban, the newest addition to the White Rhinos at Singapore Zoo, is the first male baby rhino to be born at the Singapore Zoo in 5 years.

His name means ‘King’ in the Yoruba language. This strong dude sure looks like he’s going to be King of the Jungle, someday.


For now, you can catch him spending his days lazing away in his enclosure, running and playing with his mama and other rhino buddies. That’s what we call a good life.

4. Wild Hawksbill Turtles

Surprisingly, baby sea turtles have been found along the shore of East Coast Park. The turtles were trying to find their way back into the sea after hatching.

Here’s a video of the mama turtle laying 141 eggs:

Wow, she definitely deserves a huge baby bonus just for her efforts alone. 

Sadly, the baby sea turtles sometimes have difficulty finding their way back to the sea due to artificial light pollution. Just look at these little babies trying to find their way home to the sea.


National Parks suggests that if you do come across these adorable baby turtles at East Coast Park, keep your voice to a whisper. Don’t touch them, and call the trusty rangers at 1800-471-7300 immediately, who will help guide them back to the sea.

5. Wild Otters

A story sure to melt hearts, five baby otters were recently seen at the Singapore River.

In what seems to be their first swimming lesson, proud mama otter seems to be encouraging her pups to dive into the river.

Just like Joseph Schooling, they definitely deserve the gold medal in swimming, and for cuteness.

6. Abina the Pygmy Hippo

Born on 7 December 2017, Abina the pygmy hippo is already frolicking around her enclosure with her other pygmy hippo buddies.


At the end of this video, there are ‘bloopers’ of her fearfully trying to take a dip in the water for the first time ever.

7. Tree Kangaroo

Mama Blue, a tree kangaroo at the Singapore Zoo gave birth to a female joey last summer. This mama deserves a large baby bonus because this species of kangaroo are endangered.

Recently, the joey was captured on camera emerging from her mama’s pouch, ready to explore the world.


8. Deka the Baby Cheetah

The first Cheetah cub to be born at the Singapore Zoo in 14 years, Deka was sadly abandoned by her mama.

Don’t fret though, she’s in the good hands of her loving keepers and can be seen lazing around in the sun and being a playful kitty.


Deka loves playing with her ball and catching visitors off guard because of how cute she is.

Baby Bonus

There’s no denying that fluffy or scaly, animals are a joy and always bring a smile to our faces. But who can resist a baby animal squawking for its mama?

Clearly, these proud animal parents have done their part in having three or more, to increase Singapore’s population in the animal kingdom.

The best part is, that we can visit some of these delightful babies at the zoo, or spot some otters in their natural habitats along the Singapore River.

Or you could always check out this video by Wildlife Reserves, for more exciting journeys of precious little animal bundles of joy.

Featured image from Wildlife Reserves, YouTube, Wildlife Reserves, Wildlife Reserves.