Animation Depicting The Realities Of MRT Commuting An Overnight Hit With Netizens

Being an animator, along with being a musician, actor, writer and cartoonist are high up in the list of careers that make parents groan: “Have a backup plan.”

However, for MediaCorp power couple Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen, the opposite rings true as they couldn’t be more supportive of their 26-year-old son Chen Yi Xi, who is a budding animator.

The son is on the left, in case you’re confused.


Westward Bound

Together with Nanyang Technological University Arts, Design and Media alumni Zuhairee Mohd, Patricia Teo, Leo Taylor, Azlan Wahid and Wong Lee Chin, the animator developed Jalan to the West, a short animation inspired by the experiences of Singaporeans during their commute on the MRT in a humourous light.

Yixi was not only an animator on what served as his final-year project, but served as director, producer, storyboard writer and voice talent too:


And it turned out superbly. Check it out here:

Instant Hit

The comedic video, which was posted on Facebook on Sunday (July 23), has since garnered almost 200,000 views with over 3,400 likes and 4,100 shares at the time of this article.

It received overwhelmingly positive feedback, which praised its outstanding production values and how it poked fun at things like public displays of affection (PDA) and overcrowded cabins.


Its title “Jalan to the West” is of course a play on the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West”, which tells the story of Buddhist monk Tang Xuanzang and his 3 disciples as they travel to the “western regions” to obtain sacred texts.

In this case, though, the western regions are represented by Joo Koon Station.

Who Says Local Talent Can’t Produce Quality Work?

Next time someone tells you Singaporeans aren’t creative enough, show them this video.


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Perhaps its sequel could feature the constant train breakdowns?

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