Man Barges Into Clinic And Rants About Attitude Of Doctor Who Didn’t Let Anxious Wife Go First


Man Quarrels With Doctor

Doctors are very important members of society, and play a vital role in ensuring the health of our populace. They take the Hippocratic oath, which states the obligations and proper conduct of doctors. And what does it mandate for these upstanding members of society?

Doting father Paul Chong may think that the Hippocratic oath should include this little nugget: A doctor should entertain his anxious patients first (at the expense of other patients) because well, they are anxious… at least, that’s what we gathered from a video that he posted (and was kindly reposted by All Singapore Stuff) of a confrontation with his friendly neighbourhood physician: 


What They Said

In case you didn’t catch anything amid the raised voices and the mess that is three people talking at once, let us break it down for you.

Mr Chong said his daughter was running a high fever of 39.5 degrees Celsius. His wife had brought her to see the doctor earlier, but now wanted to speak to the doctor again.

Here’s a summary of a part of their conversation (otherwise known as a shouting match):


First, Mr Chong claimed his wife was anxious and may have agitated the doctor — when she barged into his office.

However, he said she was anxious because she cannot read English well and wanted to ensure she got the right medicine, so she could give it to her daughter correctly.

The doctor, however, claims that Mr Chong’s wife trespassed on the property since she entered the consultation room when she was not registered at the clinic nor had been invited in.

The doctor also accused Mr Chong’s wife of verbally harassing his staff and threatening him — she apparently called him names, and suggested calling the police to “see who wins”.

Who Is In The Wrong Here?

It is clear that Mr Chong did not stop to think how he and his wife would feel if someone else barged into the room while his daughter was being treated for a 39.5-degree fever.

Man Barges Into Clinic


However, while Mr Chong and his wife are obviously in the wrong for interrupting a consultation with their sense of entitlement and behaving in a less than civil manner towards the doctor, the doctor also triggered xenophobic sensitivities when he told Mr Chong’s wife, who hails from China, that “this is not China” and “we have rules here” with regard to medical consultations.

We do think the doctor should have exhibited a tad more professionalism, and not have stooped to their level – but a doctor is still human, and would any other normal person have behaved differently when confronted like that at his workplace?

Would Mr Chong have been civil if someone barged into his office when he was with a customer?

Most Side With Doctor

Only Mr Chong’s sensitivities were crossed, though — most who commented on Facebook sided with the doctor and steered clear of xenophobic remarks.

Man Barges Into Clinic

Man Barges Into Clinic

Man Barges Into Clinic



Despite the negative comments on Facebook, Mr Chong is still not repentant. In fact, in one of a series of posts on Facebook, he seems to think his daughter is more worthy of treatment than others.

Man Barges Into Clinic paul-chong_doctor-discriminatory_baby-with-fever


He also says that he was taking issue with the attitude of the doctor – seemingly thinking that his own attitude in the video clip was blameless?

Man Barges Into Clinic paul-chong_doctors-attitude-problem


Public Opinion Is Against Him

Indeed, both parties threw the idea of respect out of the window in this video, but public opinion seems to be siding with the doctor.

One thing’s for sure though – Mr Chong should probably put his Facebook account on private mode now.

We hope that his daughter gets well soon.

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