Singaporean’s iPhone Dies After iOS 11 Update, Goes Through Customer Service Hell


iPhone User Experiences Customer Service Nightmare When Her iPhone Blanks Out After Update

When customers experience bad customer service, not only do they get mad; some try to get even.

While most simply spout off to friends and family and vow never to patronize the businesses again, some take to social media to air their grievances — where negative remarks can deter potential customers.

Just like local iPhone user Mel Loi, who had a rather unpleasant encounter with the staff of Apple’s flagship store at Orchard Road on Saturday (30 Sept) after upgrading her phone to iOS 11.


Which left her Siri-ously upset.

She then took to Facebook to recount her harrowing experience:

Phone went blank after update

According to Ms Loi, her phone had blanked out upon keying her iCloud password after the update to iOS 11.

She then proceeded to spend a total of 90 minutes – the time of a full football match – over two calls with Apple’s Tech Support (ATS).

Have you tried turning it off and on again?


Unfortunately, despite spending so much time, they were unable to remedy the issue and redirected her to Apple’s flagship store instead.

We’re assuming her excitement to try out the latest features had died down by this point.

Geniuses at the Apple store

Left without a choice, Ms Loi dropped by the Apple Store as directed where she was provided with the immediate diagnosis that a complete phone replacement was required.

Apparently the Geniuses were so efficient in their resolution that checking the phone itself wasn’t necessary. Instead, she was advised to simply buy a replacement.

It’s a real job guys, look it up.


She then wholeheartedly agreed with the specialist on his expert opinion and purchased a brand new iPhone.

Just kidding.

Shocked and speechless over what just transpired, Ms Loi questioned the Genius further and got her phone tested.

The Genius simply plugged the iPhone into his MacBook and figured that there was current was flowing in her handset. She was then told that her screen was faulty and required changing.

At this point she was skeptical, but ultimately agreed because $200 was a small price to pay when her only other option was turning her phone into a really expensive paperweight.


All good, right? Problem solved?

All wasn’t good, problem wasn’t solved

Two hours later, Ms Loi returned hoping for good news. She also probably regret ever downloading the update in the first place.

The good news was that her phone’s screen was fine and didn’t require any changing.

Unfortunately, the Genius had informed her that a complete phone replacement was required instead. Guess their initial diagnosis was spot on (?).

Needless to say, she was befuddled and demanded to know more.

“It could be the logic board,” said the Apple Genius.

That’s what she was told, along with being accused of previously dropping her phone because it’d make logical sense. Literally.

Schrodinger’s phone. The logic board may be simultaneously both broken and not broken.


Finally, the specialists informed her that they themselves weren’t exactly sure if the issue was because of the update or other reasons.

Actual picture of their tech specialists.


She was then asked to pay $448 for a complete phone replacement.

Back to tech support again

Unsurprisingly, she refused to do so and got re-directed back to ATS as the flagship store was “only the retailers and can’t help [Ms Loi] with this”.

Welcome back.


Unfortunately, the ATS informed her after 30 grueling minutes that they were unable to proceed any further unless she had a service report.

Which can only be obtained by visiting the Apple Store.

Probably just messing with her at this point, they suggested visiting another store for a second opinion.


Summary of her harrowing experience

In case you got lost during her frustrating back and forth experience, here’s a TLDR for your convenience:

  • Woman’s iPhone blanks out after latest update
  • Tech support directs her to Apple Store after 90 minutes on the phone
  • Apple Genius suggests phone replacement without actually checking the handset
  • They then suggest changing her phone’s screen for $200 after minor testing
  • Two hours later, woman is told her phone actually requires a complete replacement for $448
  • She refuses, and Apple Store redirects her to tech support
  • Tech support says they’re unable to help without a service report provided by the Apple Store
  • Tells her to go to another authorised reseller for a second opinion instead

The story then presumably ends with her buying another brand of phone.

Unacceptable customer service

While we here at MustShareNews understand that this is probably just an isolated case, it’s still pretty surprising how inefficient service towards Ms Loi was.

Especially coming from tech giants Apple who will probably take over the world in a few years.

The moral of the story?

Get an Android instead.

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