Ariana Grande Sang And Danced At Gardens By The Bay Before Her F1 Performance, And Nobody Recognized Her


Ariana Grande Gave An Impromptu Performance Before Her Concert At The F1 Weekend

Pop diva Ariana Grande was in town the past week as she performed to a crowd of over 50,000 at the Padang Stage on Saturday night (16 Sept) for the 2017 F1 Singapore Grand Prix weekend. Her concert was part of her Dangerous Woman Tour, where she has already performed in 5 continents.

Which is why it is perfectly understandable for her to want to relax and wind down at certain parts of her tour.

In her attempt to wind down, the former Nickelodeon star landed in Singapore a few days prior, and impromptu-performed around Gardens By The Bay on 13 Sept, without anyone noticing. Yup, you totally missed her free performance.


Then again, don’t feel bad — because no one will fault you for not going out on a weekday night?

Singing along to the Garden Rhapsody

Like many other celebrities before her, Instagram’s fourth most followed user dropped by one of Singapore’s most famous tourist destinations.


Unlike other celebrities however, Ariana and her crew soaked in the venue’s signature light and sound show, Garden Rhapsody, as she sang along tunes from popular musical numbers such as the Phantom Of The Opera, Les Miserables, and other songs the average Singaporean probably don’t know the lyrics to.

Check out these snippets retrieved from her Instagram stories.

Too bad none of her fans were there to witness her impromptu performance.

She also totally freaked out over the Supertree Groves, or “those dancing trees” as she puts it.


Maybe someone should tell her that the event plays on a daily basis because we’ve never seen any Singaporean describe their time at Gardens as the best in their lives.

Arianators caught by surprise

Also also, fans of Ariana or Arianators as they’re called, were in for a nice surprise when they noticed that their idol was in town as she uploaded the stories.

Because Gardens By The Bay is Gardens Out Of The Way however, they could only air their bittersweet feelings on social media instead.




Maybe she totally knew that nobody would be at Gardens on a Wednesday night after all.

Still, the 24-year-old seemed to appreciate the experience of music and lights a lot more than anyone here ever did.

Perhaps we should pay Gardens a visit more often.

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