Army Medic Heroes

National Service isn’t just about firing heavy artillery weapons, flinging grenades and helicopter-rappelling. There’s another side to the army that’s less flashy but equally important — medical treatment and life saving.

Just watch the recent Oscar-winning movie Hacksaw Ridge to see how important medics are on the battlefield. They are truly heroes in their own right.


Saving A Life

To illustrate this, Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen revealed in a post on his Facebook page on Monday (Feb 27) that Singapore Armed Forces medics from Pulau Tekong actually saved a man’s life.


On Jan 6, 55-year-old contractor Phua Yong Teck suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed while working on Pulau Tekong.

He was swiftly brought to Rocky Hill Medical Centre where emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was carried out by LTA (DR) Yap Guan Hui, 3SG Muhamad Nur Yassin Mohamed Hanif, CPL Muhammad Zakaria Mohd Zaid and LCP Corporal Karuppiah Adiram

Here are the heroes (from left):


1 Medical Squadron then transported him to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) for more extensive treatment.

Prompt Action

Doctors had told Mr Phua he was fortunate to receive prompt  treatment from the medical team, according to Channel NewsAsia.

Mr Phua was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit at SGH, and doctors were fearful he might never fully recover, and suffer from brain damage.

Thankfully, Mr Phua overcame the odds and is now recuperating at home with his wife and son:


In a nice touch, the medical team even paid Mr Phua a visit at home to check on his progress.


Unsung Heroes

While they’re not as celebrated as our garang Commandos and Naval Divers, the contributions of medics shouldn’t be underrated.

In his post, Dr Ng also helped shed some light on how SAF medics prepare themselves to respond to incidents quickly, which all boils down regular training.

Here they are conducting a drill with a simulated casualty:


Showered With Praise

The heroic acts of the medics didn’t go unnoticed, with many applauding their efficiency and effectiveness.

The Singapore Army shared Dr Ng’s post, and praised how the medics truly followed the SAF Medical Corps Pledge.


Netizens on Facebook also left heartfelt thanks to our heroes.


And sometimes, an emoji is all that’s needed:


Someone even suggested Jack Neo do yet another Ah Boys To Men spin-off. Ah Boys To Medics has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?



Care, Concern And Compassion

The medics’ real-life ability to save a man’s life proves that in times of need, they can be trusted to carry out their work dutifully.

Singaporeans can now rest assured that our army boys can be relied upon —  They’ve truly transitioned from ah boys to men.

Featured Image from Facebook