Rest in peace

Who would have thought that something you do everyday could kill you?

Certainly not this father.

Tragedy struck when Mr Mohd Rizalludin Hassan attempted to set up the aromatherapy diffuser in the master bedroom toilet. The diffuser exploded, leaving Rizalludin with 80 per cent burns on his body. He died in the hospital a week later due to infections caused by the burns.

This incident took place on 14 October at Rizalludin’s mother-in-law’s home at Jurong East, where his family of six had been living temporarily as their new flat was not ready yet.

Rizalludin’s family

Rizalludin leaves behind his wife, Ms Nurul Asyikin Norman, and their four young children aged between 10 months and 8 years old.

On Tuesday (27 Oct), Asyikin spoke to Berita Harian, and said that the accident was likely to be caused by an essential oil bottle.

As always, my husband was setting up the diffuser in the master bedroom toilet while the rest of us were in the bedroom.

Suddenly, as I was making my way out of the room, I heard a loud explosion coming from the toilet and saw my mother and kids screaming in fear while my my husband’s body was on fire.

Although there was a fire extinguisher in the house, Asyikin and her mother were too shocked to react in time. Instead, they tried to put out the fire using blankets.

Rizalludin was later admitted to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and underwent treatment and surgery for nine days to heal his skin, but he eventually lost the battle.

Help rendered to the family

Asyikin has received help and support from members of the public, and said:

I was very moved when many came forward wanting to help and I am touched by the support given to me and my family.

I will use the donations given to fund my children’s education and expenses.

While I would like to thank everyone who wishes to make further donations, right now I have to decline all offers. I pray God will return the favour of kindness to those who have already given me their help.

Mr Rizalludin would be turning 35 come November, and had already made plans to go fishing with his wife.

It is unclear how the aromatherapy diffuser exploded, but police investigations are being carried out.


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