Art Zoo 2018: Jump On A Six-Storey Gorilla, Frolick With Otters, And Slide Down A Rainbow Unicorn


Art Zoo 2018: Ready, get set, bounce at The Float @ Marina Bay

2018 has already offered up some pretty exciting activities, with a suspended playground, carnival, and even a Cartoon Network cruise on the year’s agenda.

If you thought that was all the year had to offer, think again. There’s even more to be amped up for, because Art-Zoo is coming back even bigger than last year.

Art-Zoo is Singapore’s largest animal-themed bouncy playground, open to kids and adults alike.

Here are the highlights from last year’s Art-Zoo

So if you’re an adult with an inner self that’s 6 years old, this one’s for you.

Of course, as always, MustShareNews has got you covered. Here are the things you should look forward to at Art-Zoo 2018:

1. Look out for a giant pink flamingo

Art-Zoo is basically a big kid’s idea come to life.

Jackson Tan, the creator of the concept, was inspired to create Art-Zoo based off of his childhood memories visiting the Singapore Zoo.

Instead of sitting on the sidelines crying internally in jealousy at lil’ kids bouncing around on bouncy castles, the adults will be able to get in on the fun at Art-Zoo, too.

This installation is only two stories high. They go up to six stories, so you can imagine how massive they’re going to be. 

The installations are humongous– this provides the added bonus of adults being able to jump around without any spacial restrictions.

Big kids and little kids alike can get in on the fun

Surely, we can all agree that typical bouncy castles are kinda boring. Rest assured, you won’t be encountering any meh castles here. Expect flamingos, owls, and even beetles. All larger-than-life, of course.

2. Say checkmate with barn owls and penguins

Remember that scene from Harry Potter where they play chess on a giant chessboard?


Well, there’s an installation kinda like that. But the non-magical and super adorable version, instead.

Aptly called Checkmates, expect to see barn owls and penguins facing off, with 22 of each character on either side, exactly how chess is played in real life.

These inflatables are tiny in comparison to the other ones, but that just makes for more fun. At up to 3 metres tall each, they’re the shortest installations you can find at Art-Zoo. Which is still pretty insanely high up.

Took us a while to figure out that penguins and owls aren’t such an unusual pairing as they’re both birds, after all. 

To put it in perspective, Shaquille O’Neal is 2.16 metres tall, and he’s pretty much a giant.

The penguins and owls will be taller than him, which is insane.

Don’t fret, for you won’t get lost amongst the gigantic penguins and owls. There will be smaller ones too, kinda arranged exactly how chess pieces are, with the soldiers being the smallest.

3. Go bananas with Little Kong, the not-so-little gorilla

Beats us why this gorilla is called Little Kong, because he’s more on King Kong’s level. Literally.

According to Art-Zoo, he’s as tall as a six-storey building. You gotta admit, that’s pretty tall.

Compared to Little Kong’s treats, he’s a massive fella. Just keep scrolling to be amazed at his actual size…

Which makes Little Kong’s bananas tiny in comparison. They’re just a measly 3m tall.

Here’s a photo of Little Kong’s banana for scale. 

To make things more fun, Little Kong is celebrating his first birthday. There’ll be more gorillas around to join in the celebrations at the Black Forest, featuring their pals — zebras and a quagga.

There’s gonna be a papa, mama, and baby gorilla.

Also, this installation is monochromatic, perfect for those who want to keep with the black-and-white aesthetic running on their Instagram profiles.

The gorillas are probably upset because Little Kong stole all the bananas for himself

What’s a quagga, you might ask? Sadly, they’re an extinct species of zebra.

But the good news is, even though you’ll otherwise never have the opportunity to spot a quagga in the wilderness or at the zoo, you’ll at least be able to check out the cute inflatable version out at Art-Zoo.

4. Jump around with otters

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you should know about one of Singapore’s only forms of wildlife — the otters.

Over the past few years, there have been reports of the otters showing up all over the island, being their adorable selves. Last year’s Art-Zoo wasn’t spared either, with a family of otters crashing the festivities.

Honestly, there is nothing purer than this. We only hope they show up to laze around in the sun again this year

As a nod to last year’s gatecrashers, Art-Zoo is dedicating an entire installation to a family of otters.

There’s gonna be a whole family of them, with the papa otter standing at 5 metres tall, and the six lil’ baby otters chilling out around him.

Jeez, these otters are giving us cute-aggression. We wanna squeeze them so hard!

5. Watch your imagination come to life

Let’s be real, everyone loves unicorns because everyone loves the idea of a mythical creature that poops glitter and has rainbow fur.

At Art-Zoo, there won’t be any glitter-pooping unicorns but there will be a unicorn with a rainbow slide — which is just as good, we suppose.

The installation will be coming in at a massive 19 metres complete with a rainbow mane.

This reminds us of the childhood game See-See My Baby, where it goes “Slide down the rainbow, down to the toilet bowl”

According to Art-Zoo, that’s the equivalent of 4 1/2 double-decker buses stacked on top of each other. We don’t know who did the math, but we’re grateful they did. Because that is tall. 

Besides that, at Yeti’s Peak, there are going to be alpacas and a yeti.

We didn’t expect the Yeti to be this cute in real life, but we’re digging it. 

You know, the abominable snowman that lives in the mountains. And there’s going to be one right here in warm, sweaty Singapore, because why not?

That’s the whole aim of Art-Zoo, to explore the best parts of our childhood and bring them back to life in gargantuan proportions.

We don’t promise that it’ll be chilly at Yeti’s Peak, but we can guarantee that it’ll be loads of fun.

6. Climb inside a beetle

To be completely fair, we wouldn’t say we love beetles, because they’re kinda icky. However, Art-Zoo puts a great spin on them, and there’s really nothing to dislike about inflatable insects, even.

This installation is cleverly called The Beetles– not to be mistaken with the 60s English rock band, of course.

Check this out for scale…these are just the lil’ ladybirds. Wait till you see the big one. 

Anyways, these tiny creatures usually start showing up around springtime, kinda around the time Art-Zoo will be taking place.

According to Art-Zoo, ladybirds are vibrantly coloured in order to warn predators to stay away.

Is the biggest one in the centre called Paul McCartney? No one ever knows the rest of The Beetle’s names anyways. Ha ha. 

At the centre of the cluster, there will be a giant ladybird that you can venture forth and wander in.  We don’t know much about it yet, but the creator, Jackson Tan, promises that we’ll be treated to an out-of-this-world sensory experience.

Take a sneak peek at Art-Zoo

If you’re unsure about heading down to Art-Zoo, there’s a chance to check out a preview of the installations at six different malls in Singapore.

Spend a minimum of $30 in a receipt at Bedok Mall, Bugis +, JCube, Plaza Singapura, Raffles City, and Westgate to redeem entry for one person.

Each mall will have a different installation on preview, so it’s definitely worth checking out to get hyped up for when the event actually takes place.


Don’t forget that this is just a teaser of what to expect at Art-Zoo. Heading down to the event promises to have plenty more in store, with all the different installations on display.

When it’s taking place

Of course, the most important part.

For those of you that have already made up your minds to head straight down to Art-Zoo, the event will be taking place at The Float @Marina Bay.

You can bounce around to your heart’s delight from 9 Mar to 1 Apr, from 5pm to 10pm daily. Last entry is at 9.30pm, so you don’t want to show up any later than that or you’ll end up disappointed.

On weekends, public holidays, eve of public holidays and school holidays, you’ll be able to get a head-start on Art-Zoo, with an earlier admission of 3pm.

You can grab your tickets online to beat the lines at the event. Until 19 February, early bird tickets will be on sale for $15.80. After that, expect to pay $18 per admission, while kiddos under 24 months get to enter for free.

The nearest MRT stations are Promenade, Esplanade, and Bayfront.

We’re already counting down the days till we can head to Art-Zoo, because how often do you get to jump on an inflatable without any judgement? Pretty much never. That sounds like a good enough reason on it’s own.

There’s no shame in the bounce.

Images courtesy of Art-Zoo Pte. Ltd. 




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