Guy posts thread about races he dislikes, fools many

A thread was started on Reddit’s /r/Singapore with the title “The races I hate in Singapore and why.

Is it time to bring out the Sedition Act? This has the potential to be a racist thread…


Oh, THAT kind of race? Time to put away my list of races pitchfork and police report then…

Many were fooled into clicking on the thread which was presumably going to go into a racist rant (the kind we don’t allow in Singapore), while other race enthusiasts had other ideas:


No, there wasn’t a real need to actually discuss the races you dislike, but whatever floats your boat.

Here are some noteworthy replies to the thread which were of a racist nature (you know what we mean):

1. That race we’re all in


2. The army is full of racists and they hold competitions to see who’s the best one



3. Not all races are equal


Don’t we miss the days in primary school when all we had to do was run 1.6km?

4. “wow i tot u were srs”





5. This is the kind of question which keeps me up at night


English is a very strange language.

6. There’s one race arguably more popular than the Standard Chartered Marathon…


7. All races must be respected! Come on, it’s textbook racial harmony


Singapore is racially diverse

We have marathons, half-marathons, 10km runs, 5km runs, 2.4km runs (our favourite), and of course all the track & field events like the 100m, 200m, 400m and so on. Different strokes for different folks, after all. Best we not be hatin’, lest we be causin’ dem racial riots.

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With references from Reddit