Asia’s Got Talent’s debut season approaches its final episode

Asia’s Got Talent’s debuted on 12 March. And tonight (14 May), after an avalanche of horrible, funny, and simply mind-blowing performances, we are down to 9 acts in the finals. Find out who gets crowned winner!

When: Today (14 May), 8.05 pm on AXN Asia

Where: Marina Bay Sands (Singapore, Biatch. #LocalPride)

And because I’m such a fan of nostalgia, I had a look at some of the best first auditions uploaded onto YouTube and compiled a list of the 10 best ones.


10. Shawn Chua

You think you’ve seen enough of lame ventriloquy and magic shows at birthday parties until lo and behold, someone COMBINES them. And makes it work.

9. Triqstar

Who doesn’t love a good fusion dance? Their outfits hint at Japanese elements in their dance, but watch to see what they will surprise you with.

8. Gao and Liu

Ah, Chinese people. Your talent in everything is what Japan is to commercials: out of this world. This young couple is no exception, combining acrobatic stunts and ballet like I’ve never seen before. Plus, they’re SO. SWEET. #RelationshipGoals

7. Fe and Rodfil

The kind of duo you just can’t take seriously… until they open their mouth. On a side note: Rodfil seems like the product of a radioactive explosion.

6. Junior New System

They’re the epitome of swag because the moves of this young hip hop crew are so on point and synchronised that it’s unreal.

5. Time Machine

Only the Japanese could conjure a dance concept as creative as this. As you can tell from the still, it’s a dance about surgery, but it’s not something you should belittle.

4. El Gamma Penumbra

Shadow play is out of this world. This group from the Philippines makes their dreams come to life with only their bodies.

3. Neil

He’s not the best beatboxer around in a technical sense, but Neil understands the meaning of stage presence. Watch his talent make the crowd go wild.

2. Gerphil G. Flores

Sometimes I prefer less singing on a talent show opened for all other talents. Yes, there’s been too many singers from the Philippines. But instead of boring me to death, Gerphil manages to take everyone’s breath away.

1. Miss Tres

We could always do without flashy and theatrical outfits. For Miss Tres, however, it’s all part of the plan to stun you (not necessarily in the way you would expect).

Tell us who you want to be crowned winner, and happy results day!

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