New Atlas Bar In Singapore’s “Gotham City” Will Bring You Back To The Great Gatsby Era


Atlas Grand Lobby & Bar

We all like to feel classy sometimes. Already imagining champagne in your hand and chandeliers above your head? Well, we have just the fix for you.

Behold, the Atlas Grand Lobby & Bar.

Atlas Grand Lobby & Bar


With just a few weeks away from its opening, we are already envisioning guests crowding the place just for a taste of its five-star European concept.

Shades Of Gotham

Located at Parkview Squre, an impressive-looking building in Bugis dubbed “Gotham City”, the bar fits in perfectly due to its art deco interior and 1920s European vibe.

atlas bar gotham building


The building’s general manager Vicky Hwang told Australian Bartender that “every piece of furniture, every textile, the carpets, the marble” were all handpicked. In other words, a lot of effort was made to achieve such a beautiful concept.


The bar has an eye on becoming a popular tourist attraction to many over the world too, thus the moniker “Atlas”.

As it will be open from from 8am to 3am on weekends, it will undoubtedly appeal to the local crowd too.

Five-Star Service

Head bartender Roman Foltán assures guests of great service, saying: “We want to deliver a five-star service, with a lot of attention to the details and personalised service. At the same time, in a very relaxed, and a little bit cheeky way as well.”

bartender atlas bar


Mr Foltán will be serving alongside Ms Carla Soares, who will be the maitre d’. The pair formerly worked at Artesian, in London, which used to be ranked top in the list of the world’s 50 best bars.

bartender atlas bar 2


Local Touch

One may be wondering whether there will be any local influences, since the bar is located in Singapore, after all

Well, Atlas recently announced the addition of bartender Sim Sze Wei, formerly of Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall.

bartender atlas bar 1


Mr Sim used to front the locally themed bar in Singapore, so get excited to taste his cocktails with an Asian flavour.

Champagne For Days

Atlas will focus on cocktails, gin and champagne. They are even working with Britsh glassmaker John Jenkins to design a custom glass for their signature Martini. Talk about atas.

atlas champagne


The carefully procured champagnes (many from the famous Hwang family) will even be housed in a walk-in, rose-metal plated champagne chiller room behind the main bar, according to Mr Jason Williams, creative director of Proof & Company, which is behind the Atlas project. It even has a pillbox with a special light, because UV lights are a big no no. 

Who would’ve thought that being a champagne bottle would feel so good?

Lavish Interior

Before Atlas took over, the space was taken up by Divine Bar. From past photos of its lavish interiors, we can tell that Atlas is going to look like a throwback to The Great Gatsby, Leonard DiCaprio not included:





Obviously, there is a lot more to the Atlas Bar then they have revealed so far. Even their website is rather secretive, with only one page so far:

atlas bar sg

A Sparkling Gem

All we really know for sure is that Atlas Bar looks to be a sparkling gem that will not go unnoticed when it opens this month.

So cheers to Atlas, and we hope to visit soon!

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