Lucien Wong is Singapore’s Attorney-General

While everybody’s reading about the Lee family spat that has gone viral, we took a little more time to carefully read the letter that Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang wrote about their brother, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

If you can tear your eyes away from the family drama and accusations thrown on the leader of Singapore, there are many delicious nuggets within the 6-page statement that many have missed out completely. Or perhaps mainstream media have chosen to overlook.

For example, both Lees left their Facebook profiles at the bottom as signatures, and that Dr Lee’ Facebook URL is “38OxleyRoad” — clearly in reference to the house that is in the middle of the entire Lee family saga.


Or, that Lee Hsien Loong’s former personal lawyer is now Attorney-General.

From personal lawyer to public prosecutor

In the statement issued by Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling, a certain Lucien Wong made “spurious objections” when the duo agreed to a exhibition of 38 Oxley Road’s items, with the stipulation that Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s wish for the demolition of the house also be prominently displayed. The sentence immediately following that, is the confirmation that Mr Wong was working for his client, PM Lee Hsien Loong.


Seems like a really odd thing to do. Usually, when people talk about others, current occupation typically slips the mind.

According to The Straits Times, Mr Wong begun his three-year term as Attorney-General on 14 Jan 2017. He is also noted for being the first ever AG that has never served as a judge, or spent time at the Attorney-General Chambers representing the state in legal matters. Until his appointment, Mr Wong spent time in banking, corporate, and financial services, as well as representing one particularly prominent individual.

Rather interestingly, the man Wong replaced, Mr V K Rajah, retired at 60 years old — upon reaching retirement age. Mr Wong, on the other hand, was a full 3 years older when he was appointed aged 63.

AG had a hand in the reserved presidential election

AG Wong was also involved in the decision to make the 2017 Presidential Election a reserved one. When announcing the reserved election, PM Lee said the following:

We have taken the Attorney-General’s advice. We will start counting from the first President who exercised the powers of the Elected President, in other words, Dr Wee Kim Wee.

Effectively, AG Wong was the one man whose math effectively decided that only Malays will contest in the upcoming Presidential Election. It is he who started counting Dr Wee Kim Wee as Singapore’s first elected president, a decision that made Dr Tan Cheng Bock very sad indeed.

Attorney-General Lucien Wong

We’re sure Mr Lucien Wong is a very good lawyer. He has decades of experience, and the AGC doesn’t just get any random lawyer to join their ranks. As Singapore values meritocracy, Mr Wong no doubt would have a track record that surpasses his competition for AG. It’s just a pity that we had to learn of his connections with the Prime Minister in this way.

Featured Image via TOC