Cat Lover Points Out Cat Trappers Can Exploit Loophole To Get Paid

Cat owners, keep a very close eye on your cats. We already know that the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is very willing to catch and cull any animal that has the bad luck to cross the path of a complain-happy resident. Read our story about how the AVA culls chickens. Similarly, the AVA also

Similarly, the AVA also culls cats in response to complaints. But the AVA officers don’t come out from their ivory towers to do the catching themselves — they hire people do it for them.

And these people may not be very honest, a cat-loving netizen points out — basically, they need to produce a cat to get paid, and any cat will do, even one that isn’t actually the critter that’s being complained about.

Evasive Trapper

Facebook user Cheng Tiong related his encounter with one such dishonest cat trapper in a post on his Facebook profile on Sunday (May 21):

According to Cheng Tiong, who is a volunteer mediator from the Cat Welfare Society, he encountered a cat trapper identified as “Ah Yao” at a resident’s house, trying to catch a cat.

Ah Yao initially told him that it was the resident who hired him, but Cheong Tiong said that he later admitted that it was the AVA who hired him.

Why the lie?

Ah Yao also refused to call the AVA staff member who hired him, telling Cheng Tiong to call the AVA hotline instead.

The cat trapper only called the AVA after failing to find the cat, and left.

If Cheng Tiong’s account is true, why was the cat trapper so evasive and uncooperative? Such behaviour would make people think he has something to hide.

Cheong Tiong described Ah Yao’s attitude as “mercenary and unethical”.

A photo posted by a netizen, said to be of the van driven by the evasive cat trapper.


No Cat, No Pay

What the cat trapper said, as quoted by Cheng Tiong, was particularly revealing:


What Ah Yao said highlights a very blatant conflict of interest between the AVA and the cat trappers it hires, said Cheng Tiong.

The AVA’s purpose is to placate the resident who has complained about the cat.

The cat trappers’ sole purpose is to get paid, and they won’t get paid unless they produce a cat and bring it to the AVA.

What stops the cat trappers from catching any old cat in the area, even a cat that actually belongs to somebody, just so they can bring it to the AVA to get paid?

It won’t solve the resident’s problem (i.e. the cat the resident is complaining about will still be “at large”), and an innocent cat is caught just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Waste Of Resources

Cheong Tiong also pointed out that it’s a waste of resources for both the AVA and the mediator that the cat trapper needs to bring the cat to the AVA to get paid.

He said the mediator would still need to go to the AVA to bail the cat out, which is unnecessary since he was already at the scene to handle the case.

If the purpose of all this is to resolve the resident’s problems, shouldn’t it just be easier to do it at the resident’s place itself?

It’s also plainly obvious that the welfare of the cat, or of any cat in the area, is the absolute lowest priority. Both the AVA and the cat trapper just want to get rid of the cat to make the resident stop complaining.

Cynical Singapore

The whole incident related by Cheng Tiong just shows how heartless and cynical a society we have become.

From intolerant, entitled residents, to an uncaring government agency that solves problems oversimplistically and mercenaries preying on vulnerable animals for a quick buck, nobody comes off looking good.

And the unfortunate victims here are the innocent animals.

We hope that society can show a little compassion, and the AVA can be smart and compassionate enough to close loopholes that may allow unscrupulous people to take advantage.

Featured images adapted from Facebook