Advertising Heroes Awarded At Hall Of Fame 2017

Unsung heroes of the advertising industry finally had a chance to bask in the limelight at the recently concluded Hall of Fame Awards 2017 on Friday (24 Nov).


Champions were crowned, tears were shed, and the battle against boring ads rages on as these winners go back to their day jobs.

But who emerged as this year’s biggest victors?

We bring you the highlights of the prestigious ceremony for one last hurrah.

The night’s biggest winners

A glittering ceremony hosted at St Regis Hotel kicked off by giving due recognition to individual achievements.

Everyone from media planners to account managers who pitched in throughout the conception, execution and delivery process were duly recognised for their awesome work.

But in the star-studded affair, one agency stood out as a clear front runner.

Locally founded creative agency GOODSTUPH went for broke and bagged two of the night’s biggest awards, Independent Agency of the Year and Specialist Agency of the Year.

Here are the rest of the companies that also won bragging rights.

Brand of the Year – Income

Specialist Agency of the Year – GOODSTUPH

Media Agency of the Year – Havas Media

Independent Agency of the Year – GOODSTUPH

Creative Agency of the Year – DDB Group Singapore

Going for Gold

Next, the highly anticipated campaign award winners were announced. Predictably, most of our previous winning picks did actually walk away with a proud collection of Golds and Silvers.

DDB Group Singapore‘s Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar clinched the Gold for their diabetes-banishing viral advertisement, while GOODSTUPH’s savvy response to Joseph Schooling’s Olympic Gold medal win for Changi Airport also went home with a deserving gold for their efforts.

A hearty congratulations to the winners once again. Here are the rest of the Gold campaign awardees that would give Joseph Schooling himself a run for his money.

Best Use Of Data Campaign of the Year (GOLD) – OMD Singapore, McDonald’s Capacity Based Advertising

Content Marketing Idea of the Year (Gold) – DDB Group Singapore, MCI’s Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar

Social Campaign of the Year (Gold) – GOODSTUPH, Changi Airport’s Joseph Schooling

 Transmedia Campaign of the Year (Gold) – GOVT Singapore, OCBC Bank’s Stay True

Reliving the greats

Needless to say, the vast array of creative entries entered in this competition mostly impressed us.

Here are 6 standout campaigns from the list of awardees that we’re sure most Singaporeans wouldn’t mind reliving.

1. Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)’s Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar by DDB Group Singapore

As per our predictions, DDB Group Singapore‘s “Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar” came out tops and won a well-deserved Gold for Content Marketing Idea of the Year.

Chock-full of dramatic sugar-busting action, the witty parody of Hong Kong kungfu dramas made promoting diabetes awareness a wild and entertaining ride.

2. Changi Airport Group’s Joseph Schooling Facebook Post by GOODSTUPH

Changi Airport’s savvy Facebook response to Joseph Schooling’s Olympic Gold medal win by GOODSTUPH clinched Gold for Social Campaign of the Year. We’re frankly not surprised at all, given that it was conceived and posted as swiftly as he swam.

Announcing the arrival of Singapore's first Olympic gold medal. Congratulations to Joseph Isaac Schooling, the world's…

Posted by Changi Airport on Friday, August 12, 2016

Currently, GOODSTUPH is still the brains behind Changi Airport’s Facebook posts. They recently created an otter-ly adorable social media comeback to Changi Airport’s runway otter escapade.

Safety remains the otter-most concern to us at Changi Airport. We thank our airside safety team for successfully herding our furry visitors towards Changi Beach after they were spotted on the tarmac yesterday.

Posted by Changi Airport on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

3. Lego’s Build Amazing by Iris Worldwide (Singapore)

We give major props to Iris Worldwide (Singapore) for capturing the essence and nostalgia of Lego through this charming entry.

Although Lego’s “Build Amazing” campaign did not win Gold, it still deserves a mention for bagging both Bronze for Transmedia Campaign of the Year and Silver for Content Marketing Idea of the Year.

Watch how student engineers from Singapore Polytechnic help realise the wildest Lego-dreams of little children here. Truly heartwarming and inspirational stuff.

4. OCBC’s Stay True by GOVT Singapore

A sleeper hit at the Hall of Fame Awards, GOVT Singapore‘s “Stay True” campaign clinched Gold for Transmedia Campaign of the Year.

By the way, this isn’t a government campaign. GOVT Singapore is actually the creative agency’s name this is their cheeky logo.


Tired of the fluffed up promises and false advertising prevalent in the industry, GOVT Singapore scored home run with their campaign which promised customers only the truth about the OCBC360 account.

GOVT Singapore came up with a series of quirky and humorous posters relevant to millennials with the message of “Stay(ing) True”.


A viral video was also produced to highlight OCBC’s commitment to combating consumer distrust due to misleading advertisements. Trust us, this is definitely worth a watch.

5. Income’s Times Have Changed by BBH Asia Pacific

BBH Asia Pacific rounds out our list with an inspirational take on breaking gender norms for Income. They took home a Silver for Transmedia Campaign of the Year.

A well-scripted video which played across cinemas in Singapore, and has garnered close to 1.5 million views on YouTube made up the bulk of this campaign. The tear-inducing Thai commercial style ad is an ode to Singaporean women who break gender roles in everyday life.

If you haven’t seen it, you can find out just how much times have changed here.

6. Phillip’s Retiree Rescue by Iris Worldwide (Singapore)

In a surprise twist, this second award-winning entry by Iris Worldwide (Singapore) for electronics brand Philips, took home a Silver for their socially responsible marketing campaign.

Iris Worldwide’s entry sought to raise awareness for training first responders to heart attack victims through the use of Philip’s HeartStart AED defibrillators.

Here’s how some kind-hearted retirees pledged to learn new tricks to rescue their peers at risk of heart attacks.

Keepin’ it fresh

Placating crowds who’ve seen it all is by no means an easy feat.

But the well-deserved awardees and nominees of Hall of Fame Awards 2017 definitely make it look too simple.

As for everyone else, take heart. With these creative masterminds at the helm of the advertising industry, dealing with the humdrum mundanities of everyday life doesn’t have to be a chore anymore.

Since 2018 is fast approaching, perhaps it’s not too early to hope for at least 5 more sequels to Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar?


Featured image from Changi Airport and Hall of Fame 2017.